Saturday, June 24, 2006

Pasion Premier update: another show tomorrow at 8 pm, check it out!

I just got back from the Saturday afternoon Premier performance of "Pasion," (which I posted about last week) at the UNLV Doc Rando Recital Hall. It was worth it just to hear Jerry on the Spanish and steel string acoustic guitars, but the rest of the cast was equally awesome. The vocals were beautiful. Close your eyes while Ryan Ralph sings, and you start thinking "Josh Groban," I swear. His duet with Celeste Lero will make you misty-eyed. Lead cast member Darin Bradford has monster classical piano chops, and, according to the program flyer, "holds a third degree black belt in Shorin-ryu, a third degree black belt in White Dragon Kenpo, second degree black belt in Hapkido, second degree black belt in ATA Tae Kwon D, and fought professionally as a Muay Thai kick boxer." OK, in my world we address such people as "Yes, SIR, whatever you say, SIR!!" The beautiful show choreographer and cast member Stefanie Jacobs (below, with Darin) was inspiring to see in dance. And buff!! Man, there wasn't a milligram of body fat within 50 miles of that woman. Yikes!

Below, Jerry takes his post-Premier bow. He looked like he came straight off the set of "Deadwood," hair wonderfully slicked back, wearing that full-length black coat and boots, attenuated only by the beautiful blood-red silk or satin shirt. One more Premier performance tomorrow night at 8, UNLV Doc Rando Recital Hall on Maryland Parkway on campus, free parking just to the north in the side street lot on the west side of Maryland. The show is really worth seeing (admission is free).

All this show needs is an appropriate set design and great pools of dramatic lighting. The music and performances are wonderful right outa the chute. Major kudos to the Creator/Director Vic la var Peterson.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like it was a fantastic night Bobby! But I expect nothing less when Jerry Lopez is involved. The man is an artist extraordinaire! I love the "Deadwood" comparison... LOL! He did look sharp tho and I wish I could have been there to hear and see it all. Thank you for the review and I hope I get to see this next time I'm in the area. I'm an optimist and sending positive vibes it gets that dramatic lighting and perfect set for many more performances.

BobbyG said...

Bette, it was so cool. Jerry had an earpiece monitor and wireless hookup for his guitar. He'd walk slowly around the stage while playing, encircling the actors/singer/dancers, like he was some apparitional embodiment of the music. Very creative choreography. I hope they can get the financial backing they seek and need to fully stage this production.