Saturday, June 03, 2006

Jazz jam at the Hurricane Sunday night

Every Sunday night starting at 9:30 pm a lot of fine performers show up at the Hurricane Bar & Grill to sit in. Tommy says they been packin' 'em in lately.

I will be there tomorrow night to report on it for the blog. Be there. It's on the south side of town, on Bermuda, just off St. Rose Parkway. For directions, click here.

Also, FYI, esteemed jazz veterans Stanley Clarke and George Duke are performing in town this weekend, at The Orleans. Word is that they'll be coming to hang at The Artisan with Ronnie Foster after their gig. I will be there, for sure.


As promised, George Duke and Stanley Clarke showed up at Ronnie's gig. I didn't get to meet them, as the crowd was elbow-to-elbow, and people were gushing all over them. Ronnie's band was cookin' last night. Adrian Garcia was again on bass. He plays SO fine! Below, a pic from the couch, up close and personal.

We thought Stanley and George were gonna sit in, but I had to leave, so I may have missed it (they were having a bite to eat in the Artisan dining room when I cut out). My 12 year old Grandson Keenan was in the finals of his latest tennis tournament, and I had to be at the Hilton to see it at 11 this morning. He torched it! Winning in 6-0, 6-1.

Keenan ended it with a rocket ace that had to be 100+ mph. Man, that serve! (click here, pic montage of the Grandson last December, age 11, at the USTA Claremont Nationals. Proud Grandaddy.)

OK, on to the jazz jam at The Hurricane in a few hours...

And, don't forget tomorrow night with Santa Fe and The Fat City Horns at the Palms.

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