Tuesday, June 13, 2006

June 12th: THUNDERING show tonight!

I don't know who had more energy, the band, or the audience. OhMyGod! A crushing first set. Wild, screaming crowd. After a while they could no longer remain seated. Spontaneous outbursts of enthusiastic dancing erupted aound the room. It seemed like the entire cast of the now sadly closed "Hairspray" show came for some much needed healing. Mom was there -- Senora Lopez. What a delight. Every time Jerry or Lenny would cuss onstage, I leaned over and yelled "MOM!!!" She'd laugh, and reply "I can't understand what they're saying..."

Copped a few decent pics tonight. Below: Gil, Johnnie, Jerry.

Below, the awesome bassist and total gentleman Adrian Garcia, his friend Kimberly, and Jerry during intermission. Check out Adrian's way cool new website (click his name). Excerpt from his fascinating bio:

"I was born in Havana, Cuba in March of 1958, a very interesting time in my native country. The son of Alejandro and Maria, I was exposed to music from the very beginning. My father, my hero, was Cuba's premier trombonist and my mother, an angel on earth was a teacher and played the piano. My older sister, Xenia also played the piano.

Since I can remember, I have been hopelessly in love with music and the bass guitar. Come to think of it, the only thing that surpasses my love for music is my love for my Lord Jesus Christ and my love for my family..."

"Shout out for joy to the Lord, all earth; Burst into jubilant song with music" -Psalm 98:4

Speaking of bassists, Rochon blew the house away during his ride in "We are Nothing." Y'know, Roch plays solos that most advanced guitar players couldn't cut. Dude is simply amazing. (BTW- Gabe's percussion solo and Pepe's drum solo in "We are Nothing" were friggin' killer)

UPDATE: Brad Cordle

Saw Brad Cordle last night and got his new bidness card from him. He's gonna get me the specs on his new westside gig, and I will post the info on the blog. This cat can flat-ass sing. Jerry and I totally agree on that point. I got to hear him one night over at The Orleans. Stay tuned for details.


Anonymous said...

It was the best thing I've heard all year! It made my friends and my trip to Las Vegas so worth it!
We were so impressed by Jerry, the earth wind and fire guy, the bassist sitting in, and wow to the keyboard man who does the arranging--big kudos to him!!! It was the best instrumental music I've ever heard!

BobbyG said...

Glad you had a good time. It was, BTW, the bari sax dude who was subbing. Rochon is the regular bassist. One amazing band, 'eh?

Anonymous said...

Yes! Dawn and I will next year build our trip around coming to hear this band again. WOw, Rochon was fab! We are so spoiled now we will have a hard time tolerating the music of the other groups we hear! Dawn is even more of a music critic than I am, and she was blown away and even bought the DVD and CD---that probably is the highest praise.
Their sound sticks with you....it really is unique....and so cool during the first set when they decided to kick it up a notch and the whole place just exploded(in all honesty I have never seen a band do this before!)...I usually am not one of the first up dancing but I could not control myself!!! ANd to think I was dancing with the cast of Hairspray....how much more cool could it get!!!
Too bad the Huricane was not hopping late on SUnday.........they told us Victor Wooten just went through...my tongue was hanging out when I heard that....the bartender was actually also from my neck of the woods from Wisconsin so we had fun talking for a while.
It was such an adventure.........thanks for all the info the past month....you did not lead us astray and we had a trip we will remember for the rest of our lives.....we are already plotting another one next year!

oky said...

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BobbyG said...

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Tol' ya.


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