Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Good Golly Miss Cholly

OK, we have a great Santa Fe fan and blog commenter, Cholly (actually pronounced more like "chaw-lee"), who now lives in Nashville, and with whom I've struck up a delightful ongoing email correspondence (former Vegas resident, she writes tunes, and has a long history digging Santa Fe). She just hipped me to this very cool website -- --, which then led me further. Read on.

Go there. Check it out. Send our troops some love.

Now, in particular, check out this cool story from the site:
In 1992, Mike Corrado bought his first guitar, learned 3 chords and started writing songs while at The Citadel. He then graduated and joined the Marine Corps to lead our nations finest and see the world. His tours – both of duty and concert – would take him around the world, serving and performing from the North Carolina Coast to Iraq. Along the way, Mike crossed musical paths with Edwin McCain and John Mayer.

Then, on September 11, the world and Mike’s band was forever changed. Mike and his fiancĂ©, a flight medic in the U.S. Air Force Reserve, were mobilized back to active duty. In 2002, Mike continued to train with the Marines and prepare for deployment. He married his wife Kate, who soon after was called to Afghanistan. During all this, Mike penned the song "On My Watch Tonight," a story of a Marine's journey from boot camp to the front lines.

In 2004, Mike re-recorded “On My Watch Tonight” and dropped off a copy to Greg Brady at WRHT 96.3 – “The HOT FM” – in North Carolina. “On My Watch Tonight” was posted on the HOT Morning Show's Web site and began receiving up to 5,000 downloads a week. Calls and e-mails continued to flood the station as military members, family members and fans were downloading the song and sending it to service members and loved ones across the country and deployed around the world. “On My Watch Tonight” was quickly becoming the anthem for U.S. troops deployed around the world and those here at home who keep a watchful eye.

Just days before deploying to Iraq in 2005, Mike released his CD Falling Awake. While in Iraq, he spent a year at Camp Falluja and served with some of the greatest people in the Marine Corps, Army, Navy and Air Force.
Brothers and Sisters, I give you Mike Corrado (website, and MySpace site).

Son, I salute you. And I can guarantee you front row seats at a Santa Fe gig, anytime. Whatever we think about the wisdom of Bush's war in Iraq, our kids (and, increasingly, their elders in Reserve and Guard units) who suit up and show up deserve our utmost respect and support.
On My Watch Tonight

Song and recording deserve a Grammy, IMHO.


Lessee, the Democrats take over control of Congress today. What would Bill Champlin Say? Click here (mp3, from the 1996 totally badass "Mayday" CD, featuring our own Jerry Lopez, Rochon Westmoreland, and Eddie Garcia).

"Republicans run for office on the grounds that government is incompetent. Then they get elected to prove it."

- P.J. O'Rourke, former Rolling Stone correspondent and now GOP humorist
So, now we shift back the other way, LOL...

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