Tuesday, January 30, 2007

January 29th gig at The Palms

Tonight was tough. Cheryl and I both took bad colds yesterday. Only my loyalty to these cats kept me outa the bed and down at The Palms tonight. Had to split after the first show, though, 'cuz I feel like crap and I gotta give a training presentation first thing in the morning at the day gig. Jerry had some crud too. Couldn't tell from the way he sang. We had a sub for Gil, who was also out sick. Wes Marshall stepped right up on trumpet and handled the book, no sweat.

Michael McDaniel showed up to hang and check it out. Nice to meet you, bro'. Sax cat new in town from Nashville. Glad to have you with us.

Band was short-handed one man, with both Johnnie Johnson and brother Tyriq outa town, so Dave Richardson got the call to step up and sing harmonies. Band sounded great. Dave's new tune "Salvation" is simply awesome. I can't wait they they get that tune and Nathan's new "Come With Me" recorded. Signature stuff that rivals the best writing and arranging and performing I've ever heard.

NOTE: Jerry will be appearing at the E String on Sunset in Henderson tomorrow (east down by Valley Verde) night at 9 with sax ace Tommy Alvarado and the guys (Chris Gordon on bass, Joel Richman on tubs, Bill Zappia on keys). Go check 'em out, A-List cats all.

OK, a few pics and then I gotta crash...

BTW- Lenny, my brother, thanks for puttin' so many of my pics up on the band's website.

OK, Cousin Jojo over in Pacific Grove sent me some funny pics, just got time to post a couple right now. What happens if the unthinkable comes to pass and we lose in Iraq?

Mullah al-Bushstani.

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