Friday, January 12, 2007

You might be a Vegas Techno-Redneck

If you've ever been too drunk to blog.

BobbyG is close (been pretty far into the Cabernet and Shiraz tonight). Went to hang with my brother Dr. Lenny at his Michael Grimm gig at NY/NY tonight, he's been raggin' me all week to come to the gig. Dude, I showed the flag, give it up, bro' (pic above though my windshield as I turned off the Strip onto Trop. Traffic majorly sucked tonight, couldn't even onto the dad-gumbed 15).

Michael Grimm is fabulous (killer band too). OMG, that voice! Son, you and me gotta have a sit-down heart-to-heart (and you oughta come sit in with Santa Fe). Consider me your musical Uncle Bobby. Among other things, I'm talkin' Little Feat (old, Lowell George Little Feat). You're a natural. I love the squeaky-tight brain-crushing Santa Fe funk/latin/jazz as much as anyone, but the jangly, swampy stuff just so reeks of soulfulness. All that time I spent in the Deep South, I guess. And, you got that groove cold.

This young dude can flat-assed sing. I bought his CD tonight. Fine stuff. Also, check him out on MySpace. Go hear this band. Wonderful.

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