Sunday, January 28, 2007

Weekend notes

First of all, wanna post an update note regarding my Seattle area Soul Brother Kurt Kolstad. He continues successfully on the mend from his long, frightening encounter with lymphoma. We're planning on bringing his funky butt down here for a Santa Fe hookup as soon as he's cleared to travel and is up to it. Our pal Joey T just sent me this mp3 clip of Kurt in his personal studio singin' and playin' everything on one of his original tunes "Gimme Back My Funk." Bad Boy. Recall the very first blog post, wherein I cited him doing "Nightshift" live in a small club gig (Kurt on tubs and vocal, 4 pc band, keyboard dude kickin' the crap outa left hand Rhodes bass), and he and his former band "Type A" doin' Steely Dan's "Night by Night."

Tim Scott has a cool page up citing his gigging time with Kurt. That's Kur
t on the right, and our mutual bandmate back in the 70's, our bandleader Bill Franklin front, center of the pic. I had the glorious experience of spending a year on stage with Kurt and Bill, before Cheryl and I moved to Birmingham in mid-1975 (oh, ouch, that hair! Cheryl shot that pic up in our backyard, and I developed and printed it in my basement darkoom, LOL! The days before digital...).

I love this cat.

We went to see The Las Vegas Tenors last night at the Gold Coast, courtesy of my bro' Bobby Black.

(Not my pic, BTW, got it from the RJ) Amazing breadth of vocal talent. The operatic stuff is so cool, but they also range across a ton of different styles, including some killer Broadway show tunes (the Sondheim tune in particular was awesome). Great crowd last night (which included the elegant Vegas power couple of Kelly Clinton and Clint Holmes, and Clint's adorable Mom). We were also treated to a guest appearance during the Tenors' show by the stunning Tina Walsh (recently of the Mamma Mia role of Donna). OMG, that voice!

After the show we cruised over to NY/NY to see Fahrenheit, who now feature the wonderful Jessica Mangione. We were hungry, so we first dropped over to Chin Chin.

Gotta tell ya, great food in a major Strip casino venue with a tab for two well below 3 figures? You don't see that very often. Loved it. Highly recommended.

Fahrenheit was smokin'. (So was the lounge; Cheryl and I are both gaggin' this morning, ugh.) Great band, A-List performers all (including Santa Fe's own Johnnie Johnson).

OK, MySpace update. Six of the guys now have MySpace pages y'all need to check out:
Hmmmm...where'd ya'll get all those cool stage pictures, hmmmm...(LOL! I'm flattered.)

I put up my own page simply as one more channel through which to tout Santa Fe and our friends. If you're up on Myspace, link in with us to help spread the word.

Funny MySpace story: A number of my nephews and nieces have MySpace pages, and we've linked up. But, one who've I've not seen in quite a few years is now a teenager in the DC area. She kept ignoring my "friends" invites, and finally went to her dad with a concern about this older dude BobbyG who might be a perv/pedo stalker. LOL!! when my brother-in-law Jerry saw my page, he cracked up. 'Oh, gawd, that's just your Uncle Bobby...'

Good that she's aware, though. Lotta slimy stuff out there.

I randomly get these "friends" requests from some underdressed "Lydia" or "Aimee" etc who wanna be my "friend." Usually porn hustle come-ons. Then there's transparent stuff you see like this when you log out of MySpace!

Yippee-eye-ohhhh-tye-A, let's saddle up, l'il darlin'!!! Jeesh. Yeah, that's lovely. I also gotta laugh at the jiggly animated ones where the yummie young chick is hiking up her skirt, etc. YO- I'm married, almost 61, and at that stage in life where a cigar is just a cigar, and if I go to Paris it's for the art and the architecture (and le Tour of course).


Jazz guitar virtuoso Robert Conti throwin' it down at NAMM (link to video).

REMEMBER: The Healing resumes tomorrow night in The Lounge in The Palms, 10 p.m. Be there.


They had to put him down :-(

Born in the valley
And raised in the trees
Of western kentucky
On wobbly knees
With mama beside you
To help you along
You'll soon be a growing up strong.

All the long, lazy mornings
In pastures of green
The sun on your withers
The wind in your mane
Could never prepare you
For what lies ahead
The run for the roses so red.

And it's run for the roses
As fast as you can
Your fate is delivered
Your moments at hand
It's the chance of a lifetime
In a lifetime of chance
And it's high time you joined
In the dance
It's high time you joined
In the dance.

From sire to sire
It's born in the blood
The fire of a mare
And the strength of a stud
Its breeding and its training
And its something unknown
That drives you and carries
You home.

And it's run for the roses
As fast as you can
Your fate is delivered
Your moments at hand
It's the chance of a lifetime
In a lifetime of chance
And its high time you joined
In the dance
It's high time you joined
In the dance.

- Dan Fogelberg

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