Monday, February 12, 2007

OK, now HERE'S a way to spend a Sunday night

11 p.m. Pro Tools digital recording studio at UNLV. Our awesome friend, the Grammy-winning music legend Bill Champlin is in town to work on a horn arrangement for a tune that will be on his new CD -- with our own Fat City Horns!

"Stone Cold Hollywood" is one nasty, thundering piece of R&B/funk. Horn chart was arranged by Dave Richardson. What a privilege to witness this little throw-down.

OK, here's some of the badass upshot from the last time Bill and Jerry recorded together, "Party Time in DC" (mp3, from the "MayDay" CD, 1996). Live studio CD, cut in two days. Yikes!

In addition to his killer vocal, instrumental, and songwriting chops, Bill is an absolute studio wizard who knows exactly what he wants and needs. The guys were all business, workin' hard under his direction when I left. Wish I coulda stayed longer. Cannot wait to hear this new CD. That's faculty member and UNLV studio manager and engineer Chuck Foley at the board with Bill.

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