Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happenings on stage this week...

Jerry and Tommy and the guys (Bill Zappia on Keys, Chris Gordon on bass, Don Meoli subbing on drums) were throwin' down at the E-String last night! This is a great, loose gig where the guys get to stretch and flex the chops.

Tommy Alvarado is one of my favorite, favorite sax players, and sings his ass off. Love the cat.


Starting tonight, 8 p.m. every Wed-Thurs for the next 7 weeks (maybe more). Tommy will be the M.D. for the Louis Prima Jr. and The Witnesses show at the Rio in Prince's 3121 venue.

Jerry will be on guitar, along with Emerald Yancey (vocals) Cocho (keys) Jeff Zinn (bass) Joel Richman (drums) Mike Gonzales (trumpet) and Steve Meyer (trombone). Doors open at 7:30. Oughta be a fun gig. I come from his Dad's musical era, nascent geezer that I am, so I know I will dig it. Check it out.


Guitarist Matt Baldoni will be appearing with the Michael Grimm band this week (Thu/Fri/Sat, 4-9 pm) at NY/NY. Really nice cat, Matt routinely tours with Frankie Valli (see below). Check him out on MySpace (click his name) or go here to his hip website. This oughta be way cool. Check it out. I'll be droppin' by.


So, I jumped straight from the office late this afternoon over to NY/NY to catch Michael and the guys. And, what do I see on the big background projectors?

Look at that pic montage. Reminiscent of anything? Like this? Shot I took at The Palms the night he sat in with Santa Fe, from my one year anniversary blog post? I am flattered.

I repeat, if you've yet to hear Michael, DO SO. Kid is fabulous. His band is excellent. Check them out. Michael, I wish you and your posse major success, son.


February, 17 2007 at Red Rock Hotel Casino, T-Bones Chophouse
11011 W. Charleston Blvd, Las Vegas, Nevada 89135
Cost: Free

97.1 FM Sunday Jazz Show with Ric and Jackie Gould

(courtesy of our friend Dave Siefkes)

Ric and Jackie Gould will be playing a Santa Fe and the Fat City Horns tune on the radio Sunday Morning during the 9:00 hour.

They will also be playing Phil Wigfall's "Cosmic Soul" during the 10:00 hour.

Spread the word! For the complete playlist, go to...

You can also link to the webcast of the show on the same page.

They will be doing a live remote from Promenada at Rainbow.

- Dave

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