Monday, February 05, 2007

The Boys be throwin' it down

Way aggressive tonight. Pedal to the metal from the first note (the thermonuclear arrangement of "Living for the City"). Wow. Everyone in the band was ready to light it up. That was personally cool for me, 'cuz this morning my man Kurt Kolstad emailed to tell me that a couple of his cats from his old band "Type A" up in Seattle were in town. Well, I finally got hold of Andy Bryant, the bandleader, on his cell. He and trumpet player John Sakura were already at McCarran fixin' to leave. They thought Santa Fe wasn't playing tonight. Well, they checked their bags, and grabbed a cab and came to the Palms to at least catch a few tunes before having to split back to the airport to catch their flight.

Couple of new rabid fans now, I would say. Very cool. They missed the two new originals. Too bad, 'cuz those tunes are off the friggin' scale excellent!

Light grid was out again tonight, all we had were four front plain white cans. So, I don't have many good pics.

Brother Tyriq was wearin' his championship belt, LOL!

Finishing out the night was the incredible Nate Wingfield of The Family Stone Experience sittin' in on guitar for "System of Survival."

More later it's 3 a.m., I gotta crash.


From brother Mundo...

Howzit Everybody.We are back in full "Survival Mode" force this Sunday at reJAVAnate. And yes we will have Carol Linnea Johnson singing with us!

reJAVAnate Coffee Lounge
On SUNDAY February 11th, 2007
1-3 PM
3300 E. Flamingo Road, #23 (at Pecos)
Vegas, NV 89121
and visit us at MySpace.


Ric and Jackie Gould will be playing a Santa Fe and the Fat City Horns tune on the radio Sunday Morning.

"Turn Your Love Around" will be played during the 11:00 hour.

Spread the word!

For the complete playlist, go to...

You can also link to the webcast of the show on the same page.


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