Saturday, February 03, 2007

Weekend errata

First of all, ace drummer Joel Richman asked me to advise y'all that the Sunday night jazz jam has moved to the "Slanted Clam" (the old Venetian restaurant at Sahara and Valley View). Joel, recall, is a serious Bad Boy tubs cat in town who, in addition to his many other gigging stints, appears with Jerry Lopez, Tommy Alvarado, Chris Gordon, and Bill Zappia at the E-String in Henderson (E. Sunset near Valley Verde) on selected Tuesday nights (you gotta catch that lineup, wow).

ALSO: Don't forget, [1] our great friends Ric and Jackie Gould will be throwin' down the finest smooth jazz on 97.1 The Point Sunday morning, and [2] Santa Fe and The Fat City Horns will be in session this Monday night at The Palms.


I been sick a bunch this week, and spent a lot of downtime in the sack. You can only sleep so much, so I been watchin' more and more of the HBO series "The Wire." I've bought all three available DVD season box sets (Season Four is just finishing up on HBO, I'll buy that as soon as they release it on DVD). As I said in a prior post, this stuff is the screenwriting and acting equivalent of Fat City Horns charts. Couple of YouTube clips below. First, some funny stuff from an early Season Three episode where they use the music soundtrack from "Shaft" to satirically underscore a cop chase segment. Then, also in that clip, there's an over-the-top bit where the drug gang cats are having a meeting conducted by gang boss Stringer Bell (in a funeral home he owns), and tryin' to conduct it according to "Robert's Rules of Order" protocol. Absurd, yeah, but the backstory on that is that Stringer is this dude that came up outa the projects and has eyes to parlay himself into becoming a legit big-time businessman. There's a scene in one episode where one of the cops (McNulty) spies Stringer in a community college economics class. Cat has a vision, the drug thing is just a means to the end.

The second clip is a Season Three recap montage. WARNING: extremely explicit language and episodic violence. Not for the squeamish or easily offended.

BELOW, FYI for FEB 10TH, from Joann Toranto

Spend an afternoon with
Bill Fayne's Fabulous Las Vegas Tenors
Saturday, February 10th, 1p.m.
at the Gazebo area
MonteLago Village
Lake Las Vegas

Free Admission, so bring your friends and family
Also appearing will be two Broadway Singers
Jodie Langel & Patrick Leveque
and The Broadway Bound Divas

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