Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Bill and Tamara Champlin in The House once again!

Tamara and Bill drove in from California today. I picked up their publicist Melanie at McCarrran and took her over to South Point, and just as we pulled into the front of the casino at about 8 pm, the Champlins rolled right up alongside us. I know they had to be tired from a long day of driving, but they came to hang and sit in nonetheless. We are blessed. What great people.

Below, renowned guitarist Carmen Grillo also came to hang and sit in. Carmen is playing with The Sons on this tour. It was an extra treat to have him with us tonight.

Lots more to come, but I am beyond whipped tonight, and I gotta get some zzzz's (and gotta get up and get the pre-ordereds CDs out in the mail). Suffice it to say that the band came out smokin'. Got some pretty good band shots, and more of Bill. Stay tuned.

Don't forget tomorrow and Wednesday at South Point, the awesome Sons of Champlin! (Below, Tim Woods brought in this ancient Sons' LP)

Also, following the Sons' show tomorrow night, Michito's first-class Salsero show takes over. Gonna be a great evening.

Before I crash, I gotta give major props to homeboy Ron Crews for taking care of the CD sales tonight while Cheryl and April are gone. Really, really appreciate it. Ron just got outa the hospital Friday. Good to have him back in circulation. Thanks, Debbie, for giving him up for the night.


Well, predictably, the dogs have been goin' clinical all morning. So much for some solid sleep. At least I'll never have a burglar. "Lucie...STFU!!!..."

BTW- The Las Vegas Sun did a nice interview with Bill yesterday. I never even opened the paper, I was so jammed up.
Q+A: Bill Champlin

Still slammin' after all these years

By Jerry Fink
Las Vegas Sun

Bill Champlin, 60-year-old singer, guitarist and keyboard player, is so busy he sometimes meets himself coming and going.

Champlin is best known as a member of the legendary band Chicago. He joined in 1981 before "Chicago 16"; the band's now up to "Chicago XXX."

He's also written Grammy-winning songs for George Benson and Earth, Wind and Fire.

Back in 1965, he founded the Sons of Champlin, which carved out a reputation as a funky horn band in the middle of San Francisco's psychedelic scene.

The group still gets together a couple of times a year "for some slammin'," as Champlin likes to say...
They'll be slammin' tonight and tomorrow night. Everyone needs to come out.

OK, before I head out to work my 2DO list, a few more pics from last night:


Best headline of the morning. Washington Post, "Fresh Squeezed O.J."

LMAO. Like we need that clown in our city. Jeesh. And, with The Juice in the joint, who will continue to scour the fairways and sandtraps for The Real Killers?

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