Monday, September 10, 2007

September 10th gig at The Palms

First of all, this coming weekend we will by blessed by the Jerry Lopez production of Spanish Nights on the Lake at Lake Las Vegas (click the foregoing link for Dave Siefkes' great page of detail).

(Also, click the image above to enlarge.) Jerry told me that he had a good number of comps available for Santa Fe fans interested in attending, so let us know at the gig tonight, or contact Jerry through the Santa Fe website.

Alos, don't forget, our friend the eminent Bill Champlin will be in town to hang with us next Monday night and will then throw down big-time the following two nights at South Point with his venerable Sons of Champlin. Oh, yeah!!


The house was again a bit slow, but the band was ready to throw down. They started up with the legacy set list opening comprised of tunes such as "Just Kidding," "Earth, Wind, & Fire Medley," "Oh, Nena," (with Rudy Regalado sittin' in on percussion) and "Take My Heart Away." It just never gets old. They also pulled out Toto's "Rosanna," which they always just fry. Jerry also tore it up yet again with "Come Back Home."

The second set was on fire with stuff from the new CD. Some of Jerry's pals from the Danny Gans show, drummer Raphael and sax cat Freddie, and their posse (below) came to hang, and dug it big time.

Below, a few more shots from the evening:

Finally, below, a couple of pics sent to me by Bill Champlin's webmistress Rona (I'm assuming that's her on the right in the first photo; we've not yet met in person), taken at South Point this weekend where B-3 Bad Boy Mike Finnegan (blue jacket) was appearing with the Phantom Blues Band (read his rap sheet -- yikes!). Sitting next to Mike is South Point Entertainment Director John Collison. On the right in the second picture is the fabulous former Chicago guitarist Dawayne Bailey.

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