Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Sons of Champlin Part Deux

PRELUDE: I went to setup and sound check today. Interesting. Shot a bunch of pics. No time to post more now, heading back over the South Point for tonight's show. More later.


OK, 11:47 pm, here we go (episodically, as I cull through the many pics for keepers, and post iteratively). I was so busy runnin' all over the room tryin' to get good shots I really didn't get to enjoy the show. Got my Aussie Shiraz in hand, 1, 2, 3, blog away...

Above shot, from the right sky box. Below, Carmen. Man, this cat throws down!

More thoughts later. I gotta go park my incipient geriatric ass for some Zzzz's, it's almost 1 a.m. This has been a huge thrill for me. I been diggin' Bill and the Sons for 40 years. Beyond the funk grooves and hot-assed playing, the intelligence of the lyrics, man. Listen to those old tunes. They just shout out such loving wisdom.


Wednesday I showed up at the Fever showroom at 4 pm at Melanie's request to get some shots during a press photoshoot that had been arranged. The shoot got ditched over some scheduling beef with the back-of-house cats, who were there to set up the stage, and would not yield. So, I just hung around to watch Bill and the Sons do their 5:30 sound check. Melanie gave me a comp pass to the buffett. Cool.

But, sound check ran late, and I had to run home to change clothes and pick up fresh spare batteries for the show, so I didn't have time to eat. Then, after the show it was too late to go to the buffett, so I again didn't eat. I just went home and swigged a bit of Shiraz and blogged the evening. Well, yesterday (Thursday) morning I got up and had to run to the TLC nursing home in Henderson to pick up my Mother's clothes and bring 'em back to do her laundry, so, again, I didn't eat.

Well, while the wash was in process I went over and hit the lunch buffett. OMG! I pigged out to an extent that would make Claim Jumper entrees look like an Ethiopian drought harvest. LOL! I had food coma the rest of the day. Oink.

Just now (2 pm Friday) ate again.

I seriously gotta get a solo acoustic gig now. Unemployment checks are about to run out, and I've thus far been unsuccessful in turning up another suitable local corporate gig. Well, I rendered up a bit of promo stuff (click here), but lack a current headshot. So, just now, after getting back from seeing my Pop over at Silver Ridge, I
got out one of my mother's pincer thingys that she'd used to pick stuff up without having to bend over, put my camera on a tripod, sat in the bay window in the dining room, pulled the louvered blind down to mute the sunlight. My camera irritatingly lacks an auto/remote/timer shutter, so in the pic below, I'm using this geriatric implement with my left hand (it's about 3 feet long) to squeeze the shutter.

Hey, 'make lemonade.'

Click the pic to enlarge. No, I didn't shave. On purpose. 'Manly' and shit. LOL.

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Dustin said...

Bobby, You are by far the coolest man with a camera and purpose I know!!