Saturday, September 29, 2007

Crosby Loggins in town tonight

Similar to the amazing Will Champlin, brilliant offspring of our Peeps Bill and Tamara Champlin, the son of my long time musical hero Kenny Loggins, Crosby Loggins is becoming a musical force in his own right. (I blogged about these kids a while ago.) Cat will be here tonight for a free show in Henderson:

Henderson Events Plaza
200 Water St.
Henderson, NV 89015
Free Show! 7 pm.
with Joe Bonamassa

Thanks to my friend Brad Cordle for the heads-up on this, I was not aware that he was coming. Ya oughta check this young dude out. Great writing and singing. The fruit indeed doesn't fall far from the tree.


Well, Crosby opened -- solo. And kicked ass all by himself (I'd thought he'd be with his band, which would have been great too). I bought his new CD at the show. It's a must-have. Great writing, along with fine playing and singing.

Joe Bonamassa won me over, big-time too. In truth, I'd never heard of him. Cat can really sing, and has major, tasty blues guitar chops. He put on a great show. I'd pay to see this dude too.

Damn, there's so much fine talent out there.

Some interesting copy about Crosby from (where he and Joe will be gigging tomorrow night):
Crosby Loggins is the son of 70’s singer/songwriter, 80’s go-to soundtrack artist, Kenny Loggins. Enough said, because apart from the obvious familial resemblance, and a genetic gift for melody, this is not a simple story of a son following in his father’s footsteps.

“Some kids, their parent’s are business people, they become stockbrokers. Others choose medicine ‘cause mom or dad’s a surgeon. I never really thought about anything but music. The fact is, I tried to do everything I could to avoid music, as a career, I mean. But it was always there, and at some point, I just recognized that this is what I had to do. “

In fact, for two years following high school, avoid is exactly what Crosby did, working construction full-time on the island of Hawaii. But soon enough, the music came calling. And so, when he finally moved back to Santa Barbara, a town well-known as the home of a number of music greats, such as Jackson Browne, David Crosby, Glen Phillips, Michael McDonald and, of course, Kenny Loggins, Crosby couldn’t help but find himself and his career.

Just south of Santa Barbara, the towns of Ojai and Ventura have always played a critical part in Santa Barbara music culture. It was here that Crosby was first introduced to Jesse Siebenberg, producer, multi-instrumentalist and son of Supertramp drummer, Bob Siebenberg. Something of a musical prodigy, Jesse’s been playing stadium shows throughout Europe as a member of Supertramp since the age of 16.

Then came Paul Cartwright. Violinist. Never afraid to stretch the limits of conventional string playing, Paul is a whirlwind the world’s been waiting for. Paul grew up in Bakersfield, California, a town that’s home to a respectable group of successful musicians and high-caliber artists, such as Merle Haggard and Buck Owens.

Sometimes things just come together. After searching endlessly for the right group of musicians, Crosby, Jesse and Paul finally found the chemistry they’d been searching for in drummer Jared Pope, bassist Forest Williams, and keyboardist Dennis Hamm, three guys whose rhythm talents formed the backbone behind Bakersfield’s explosive funk fusion favorite, The Mother Funk Conspiracy.

In November, 2004, the newly-formed band, named Crosby Loggins and The Light, entered the studio to begin recording their first, full-length album. As work progressed, old friendships and a diversity of musical directions melded together to produce a sound and an album that are a unique expression of this talented group of young musicians. With stylistic influences ranging from pop to jazz, funk to straight ahead rock and roll, and held together by Crosby’s classic singer/songwriter melodies, this is an album that will resonate among discerning listeners and radio audiences alike.

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