Friday, October 05, 2007

Mi cajon

April loved it. A highlight for me (among many) last night at the Hot Club of Las Vegas gig (see prior post) was Gabriel playing the cajon. Wow, these Peruvian-originated percussion instruments are totally fine! And, in the hands of a master like Gabe, they sound like an entire trap set. Amazing.

Couldn't really shoot anything. No stage lighting, and no house lighting to speak of in the entertainment area (really dim area). Were it my place, I'd install a small riser for the performers' location, and throw up a few parcans. A bonus of doing so would be that passersby on Eastern would be able to see that there is entertainment.

We're talkin' an outlay of a few hundred bucks here, a riser and 3-4 500w pars.

I just want to see this be successful, for the house and for The Hot Club peeps. They're gonna be there every Thursday now if it works out. Let's help make it a success. Spread the word.

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