Tuesday, October 23, 2007

October 22nd gig, another great evening

Above, our great friend Bill Champlin warms up prior to the gig. Bill, appearing in town with Chicago, came alone tonight, and hadn't intended to sit in. Fat chance.

First, gotta give props to Fat City Horns subs Dave Phillipus on trombone and Wes Marshall on trumpet. Nathan is in New York writing the arrangements for the upcoming Bette Midler show (featuring the Fat City Horns) at Caesars after Celine splits. Gil needed a night off. But, it was just another night in the office at Fat City Central, the horns were blazing away, no problem. Amazing, the deep bench.

Also gotta give shouts out to the fabulous Michael Grimm and Martin Nievera comin' in to sing for us.

Best line of the night: Bill Champlin leans over toward me at the table, shaking his head at the end of Nathan's "Come With Me" and says, "Man, that's just criminal..."

A few pics:

Above, the Norman Fishin' Tackle Choir takes us out with "We Are Nothing." Below, Jerry with Chicago bassist & singer Jason Scheff.

More later. 3:45 a.m., I'm goin' to bed. Great night tonight.


I know we're all about the good times "healing," but I would ask us all to reflect for just a moment on the searing misery now being visited upon our brothers and sisters a mere 300 miles or so to our southwest. This is a friggin' Katrina in flames. My heart goes out to all who have lost and will yet lose so much.

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Anonymous said...

What a night! OMG... I've come to expect nothing but the best and you guys did not disappoint. Bobby, every time you reviewed Michael or Bill, I was wishing I was there. I was in musical heaven when I heard both were stopping by last night! Santa Fe... you made my night! Never mind night, you were the highlight/finale of my trip! GRACIAS... MERCI... THANK YOU!
Till next time, keep it real. Love you guys...
Bette B.
Maple Shade, New Jersey