Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Yow-EEEEEEE!!! What a night!


Cheryl and I really needed this tonight, in the wake of the events of the past ten days.

OMG! What a show! MOSAIC, Clint Holmes, Wayne Brady, Tommy Alvarado, and Dave Hart all sittin' in on the same night. The band had -- as Cheryl so aptly put it -- rich energy all night. They fed and fed off all of our guests. It was the best night I think I've seen during the two years I've been following Santa Fe.

The first show just blew the place apart. MOSAIC lit the fuse, after a few opening tunes by the band. These cats are in a class by themselves. They are difficult to shoot low speed / hand held / available light, too, 'cuz they are so kinetic. Wayne Brady then came on and tore things up first with Sam Cooke's venerable "A Change is Gonna Come."

Above two shots: during the second set we had MOSAIC plus Santa Fe vocals lightin' things up even more. It was all just too cool.

Ok, uh. it's 3:45 a.m., and now I'm gettin this repetitive blogger.com image upload error message:
Unable to upload image

We are aware of this problem and currently working on a fix.

Well, I guess I'll have to resume tomorrow. I've tried about 6 times now, with the same bug message.


I dig Dave Hart. Good to see him last night, he's been busy and not been around lately.

Above, this was serendipitously cool, the Brothers Johnson & Johnson. Below, a few more of my "low-hanging fruit" shots.

THANK YOU, John, Troy, Sean, Josh, Corwyn, and Heath!! You cats are sick!!! Thank you Clint, thank you Dave, thank you Tommy, and thank you Wayne. Y'all are the best, all of you.

Below, Wayne Brady (what a nice cat!) and Lorraine, and below that my honey and her baby sister Michelle.

More to come, Blogger.com is still actin' up all buggy and shit w/respect to photo uploads. But for now for y'all's viewing pleasure here's a Michael Brecker tribute YouTube clip my bro' Kurt Kolstad just sent me.

I have The Breckers' "SkunkFunk" as my music clip on my main MySpace page. Oh, Yeah! (BTW- My other MySpace page is here.)


Our beautiful and talented Sistah Elisa Furr will be at NY/NY this week starting tonight with the all-femme rock group "Bandshe" in the Big Apple Lounge.
  • Tue, Wed, Sat, 9 pm - 2 am
  • Thu, Fri, Sun, 4 pm - 9 pm.
Check her out. Chick can really sing.


I love the fact that Ronnie is gettin' so much mileage outa that shot I did for him when he was over at The Artisan.

The Hot Club of Las Vegas will appear again tonight starting around 10 pm at Sweetwater's Prime Seafood in Green Valley, Eastern just south of the 215 past Serene on the left as you head south.

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