Wednesday, October 24, 2007

UPDATES: Big Sunday comin'...

Ronnie Foster, who will be at The Ice House tomorrow night (Thurs 10/25) with his band, will open for Santa Fe and The Fat City horns on Sunday. Ronnie starts at noon. Santa Fe takes the stage around 2:45 pm.

More to come, stay tuned. BTW, Bill Champlin is gonna come and appear with Santa Fe at the Danny Gans benefit at the Mirage.


In late 2001, Dave Richardson and Lenny Lopez produced an absolutely stunning ten traditional song Christmas CD. The performers were all of the usual suspects, from Santa Fe and The Fat City Horns, the Clint Holmes Show (including Clint himself, gloriously singing "Silent Night"), and many others. This amazing product sold out, with all of the proceeds going to support post- 9/11 charity, and subsequently went out of print.

I have asked the guys that I take on the project of funding and managing a re-issue, because you simply must hear it. Click the following for a 1:49 mp3 sample culled from "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen." Oh, yeah!

UPDATE: mp3 sample from the CD cut "Away in a Manger." MOSAIC quality vocals, wow. BTW, Lenny did the vocal arrangements on this CD. Brilliant work.

I'm doing new artwork (draft face page below), and will send it all to duplication shortly. We should have it available for sale ($10 each) at the gigs in about two weeks.

I had a PayPal account for a while, but got pissed at the constant phishing emails I kept getting starting virtually within a day of opening it, so I closed it. I guess I can start a new one to be able to take remote orders (which will be $10 + $2 S/H for domestic delivery, overseas TBA).

- BobbyG


Went to see Ronnie last night. Didn't stay long, had a bitch of a headache. Couple of shots:

They did some new originals that were way cool. Come out to Lorenzi Park Sunday to hear 'em.


Very cool. I'm all about the funk stuff, yeah, but I have to confess, I dig these cats. You can listen to the entire CD here, pre-release, all 20 tunes. Ya just gotta put up with a recurrent audio watermark embedded in the cuts.

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