Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Monday March 10th gig at The Palms

Well, as most of you know, Cheryl and I weren't there, but here's what I've gotten from a couple of sources. First, our bro' Abe LaMarca subbed for Jamie. Man! that cat can sing.

Second, Dan Falcone was down with the bug, like us, and our Tom Delibero stepped up to cover most ably as usual.

Interestingly, it looks like they fixed some of the lighting, including the long-defunct neon logo. According to Santa Fe regular Greg Sinclair:

Last night's show was an adventure deep into the archives of the SF&TFCH book. The set list included You Need a Hero, Turn Your Love Around, and Negrita, which we have not heard for a little while. The look on Rochon's face when Jerry turned around and called You Need a Hero was priceless. Other stand-out moments from last night were Just Kidding, Soul Trilogy (featuring Andy Ebon), the trumpet feature on Negrita, and Dave Richardson's truly inspired soloing all evening.

We were graced with the presence of our two friends, Abe Lamarca and Tom Delibro sitting in. Thank you, gentlemen.

We had a nice crowd last night. Thank you all for coming.

I called the Entertainment Director last week to complain about the lights. They were all on, including the sign, with only two being intermittent. If LightJockey now interfaces with the rig, we can program some "scenes" for light design. Hmmmm...

That's all for now.

Feel better soon,
Greg Sinclair
Thanks, Greg. I also got some on-the-scene tidbits from our bro' Dustin:
The coolest chick in the crowd was definitely Hazel Payne from A Taste of Honey (guitar/vocals), she still looks good! Danny and Jamie were out so Tom Delibero and Abe Lamarca. There were tons of cool cats in the crowd but I neglected to take any notes due to having a few guests with me (first timers!).

Everything else falls pretty much under the norm. Rochon blew a giant wad all over the crowd right at the beginning of the night, Phil and Rob both played a couple of Holy-Shit solos. The band busted out "You need a Hero" which they've not played in some time now. Jerry was exceptionally witty last night, he continued to bust all the wise-cracks we've been kinda missing since his "older" sibling's absence.

I'm sorry this is all I have but do what you can with it.

Get to feeling better, man.
I really appreciate the emails, y'all. Today is Wednesday, first day I been outa bed, and outa the house, in a week. Still feeling way wobbly, but definitely over the major symptoms. Now I have this pile of undone stuff I need to get after. Jeesh...

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Dustin said...

Bobby, it was a great show and I greatly appreciate the props!
Glad to hear you are starting to feel better.