Friday, March 28, 2008

Podcast #5 now up.

This podcast features tunes recorded outside of Santa Fe and The Fat City Horns by Jamie, Rochon, Nathan, and Phil. Runtime approximately 44 minutes, 60 megs mp3 file. Enjoy.


David Perrico, flugelhorn, David Loeb, piano, Phil Wigfall, alto, Vanessa McGowan, bass, Henry Soriano, drums. That's all I know about this clip. Smokin'.


Well, I'm a steamroller, baby
I'm bound to roll all over you
Yes, I'm a steamroller now, baby
I'm bound to roll all over you
I'm gonna inject your soul with some sweet rock 'n roll
And shoot you full of rhythm and blues

Well, I'm a cement mixer
A churning urn of burning funk
Yes, I'm a cement mixer for you, baby
A churning urn of burning funk
Well, I'm a demolition derby
A hefty hunk of steaming junk

Now, I'm a napalm bomb, baby
Just guaranteed to blow your mind
Yeah, I'm a napalm bomb for you, baby
Oh, guaranteed, just guaranteed to blow your mind
And if I can't have your love for my own
Sweet child, won't be nothing left behind
It seems how lately, baby
Got a bad case steamroller blues

Hmmmm...wonder who that could be?

from The-Fruit-Don't-Fall-Far-From-The-Tree Dept

Our son Nick (aka "Matt") works at McCarran at the Executive Jet terminal. He met senator John McCain a few days ago, and PhotoShopped and posted these captioned pics on his MySpace page:

Me and the good senator at Times Square.

Me and John at Mt. Rushmore.
I told him he might be the next face on that mountain.

Here's me and Mr. McCain at the Taj Mahal.
At first he asked why we were in Iraq but I told him
"Uh, sir this is India."

This is us in front of the Eiffel Tower.
Mr. McCain sure does love his Croissants!

If you ever have the chance to go to Disneyland with John McCain, do it!

Son, your pop stands in awe. LOL!


Unknown said...

Superb playing across the board, I understand that language very well!
Well done.
Robert Conti

Raoul Fernandes said...

Tower of Power...with Brent Carter on lead vocals. Very Nice...James Taylor Tribute Cd.

Great find Bobby...