Saturday, March 08, 2008

Out of action

Slow blogging week. Sorry. My luck ran out back on Wednesday. I haven't been sick for years, but I got hammered this week by "flu" (or something). The whole enchilada: pounding head, fever, sweats, chills, intractable low back pain, sore throat, and dizziness. Man! I been in bed for three days now, and still feel like hell. Ugh.


Cheryl and I remain down for the count, so I will not be at the gig tonight. I got up today, and while wobbly, thought I might be able to make the gig, but it's now 6:30 pm Monday, and I'm feeling like if I pushed the envelope too hard, I'll relapse and spend another week on my back. If anyone gets any cool shots (and/or thoughts) tonight you'd like posted -- with a byline, of course -- email 'em to me (

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