Thursday, May 15, 2008

Thanks, Ron Crews

A short note to say effusive 'thanks' to my bro' Ron Crews for coming to the homeless veterans' stand-down and throwing down on the hand percussion and some vocals yesterday (Ron is a former Marine, btw; they appreciated him being there). It was a lot of fun -- when I wasn't episodically sucking by spazzing lyrics or changes on tunes I've known for decades, LOL!.

(No, we didn't get any photos.)

Schlepping gear in and out of there was the exhausting part. I had to take the passenger side front seat out of my SUV to get all my stuff in, and then hand truck stuff all the way back from the parking lot. Today was really windy, with dust and sand from the dirt parking lot blowing across the picnic area. I ended up with a swell sunscreen-grit coating by the time I finished.

I'll be doin' their 4th of July picnic as well, over at the US Vets HQ at Bonanza & LV Blvd. Again, if anyone wants to come and sit in, y'all are welcome.


Tonight, again Michito's "Salsero" (South Point) and Ronnie Foster's "Funk's Way" lineup at The Ice House. Tomorrow and Saturday, 6 - 9 pm (free), Michael Grimm appears with his great new horn band lineup in the Ovation showroom at Green Valley Ranch. Also, Saturday, our friends Phoenix again appear at South Point (also a free show).

In addition, see the bottom of the prior post for details on Kasey Carmody's and Hot Club of Las Vegas's upcoming gigs this weekend.

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