Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Yellow Brick Road

I initially learned of Yellow Brick Road (YBR) back when I first met Jerry and the guys over at Palace Station in the fall of 2005, where YBR was sharing the stage in the lounge on a different night. Everyone raved about them. Unfortunately, I never did get over to see them. Then, one night sometime later Cheryl and I were gonna hang and see them over at Boulder Station, after Michael Grimm had done an opening set there one time and we'd gone to support him. YBR ran so late getting started that we bailed, too tired to wait around.

Finally got to see and hear them tonight at Green Valley Ranch. Totally badass. If you've not checked 'em out, do so, you'll dig 'em, even if the "classic rock" thing ain't your deal. They are:
  • Brody Dolyniuk, lead vocal, guitars, keyboard, and harp
  • Mark Cole, lead vocals, guitar
  • David St. John, bass, vocals, mandolin
  • Todd Rogers, keyboard, guitar, vocals
  • James Sloan, drums

Here's an mp3 clip Brody sent me to use, a sample montage of some of their tunes:

Brody has a totally effortless voice and seemingly no top end on his range. Monster singer. Like, totally with the frigging best in his genre. Cat is loose and funny, very showy, very personable. Below, he popped on the shades and was hammin' it up. It gave me a Tom Cruise Risky Business Moment.

Funny. I was halfway expectin' him to break out the BFD's, white socks, and Bob Seger's "Old Time Rock & Roll," LOL!

These cats are all over it, man. I will certainly be back to hear 'em again. Some pics I shot tonight:

Yeah, man. I'd emailed Jerry, told him I was goin'. His reply:
YBR. Yes indeed, great band, great guys. You'll dig it!
The talent in this town is just so fine.

Speaking of talent, Ronnie Foster's "Funk's Way" is onstage again tonight at The Ice House. Ronnie's email shout-out:
ALERT: We may have a very very Special Guest This Thursday, he might show up, there's a good chance, but don't want to JINX IT. all I'll say is that he is a very well known GUITARIST VOCALIST that I worked with for many years keep our fingers crossed. if he does show up show him the utmost respect.
He can only be talkin' about George Benson.

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