Monday, May 12, 2008

May 12th Santa Fe gig at The Palms


Tonight, band starts at 10:30 pm. No cover, no minimum. Be there. Last Monday was wild!

Couple of prelim notes. First, Santa Fe's Tyriq Johnson and his new group "Jamestown" will be performing at The Blue Martini in the new Town Square Shopping Mall on Las Vegas Blvd (just south of Sunset, north of Frye's Electronics) Friday May 30th and Saturday May 31st at 8pm.

Be sure and check it out, I'm sure they'll appreciate it, big-time, and you will dig it.


As I've noted before, I'm again doin' my acoustic 12-string schtick for the U.S. Vets people this week on Wednesday and Thursday during the outdoor lunch hours at the annual "Stand Down" (probably play from around noon to 2 pm). Gonna be at the Eagles Lodge 1231, 1601 E. Washington (just W of Bruce, N of Cashman Field).

Anyone who'd care to come sit in is way welcome (this is not open to the public, btw). They also need some performers for the dinner sets those evenings from 5 to 7 pm (I have other prior evening commitments or I'd do those as well). We just need people to come in and do some short sets. Most rewarding crowd I've ever played for.

I'm gonna have a blast those two days. This organization does great work here for the estimated more than 4,000 homeless veterans in the valley. During the Stand Down they provide the veterans with food, clothing, showers, medical and dental care, drug and alcohol abuse program entry, housing assistance, and assistance with VA or legal issues, etc. It's comprehensive, and they do a wonderful job. I told them last year, I'd come and perform at any event of theirs, anytime. I'm sure I'll again do their July 4th picnic.

If you wanna come do a few tunes, contact me (283-1355 cell or email), or Lindsay directly:

Lindsey Hand
AmeriCorps Program Director
United States Veterans Initiative
525 East Bonanza Road
Las Vegas, NV 89101
702.366.0456 ext. 240

I'd even thought about getting Medi-Car to bring my Dad to the Stand Down (he was a disabled WWII vet) so I could sing for him one last time, but the old Flight Commander left us early Tuesday morning.

That's Pop at the Melbourne, FL airport just shy of a year ago when I brought him here. At least I had a good year with him. Been a sad week. Thanks to all of you for the condolences and kind words.


That was one of the baddest shows we've seen in a while. They went more than two hours straight, to repeated howling cheers and standing-O's.

I was backstage prior to the start, and there was a lot of discussion about which tunes to play while awaiting Jerry's arrival from the Wayne Brady Show. Jamie said "I hate to play without Jerry."

I can fully understand that.

But, they launched off with the Hornheads' "Intermission" and blasted straight into "South American Sojourn" (one of my personal favs), and then the nuclear "I Feel Good," which just ripped.

We had a big crowd (peeps started showin' up to cop tables by about 8:30), and they were so ready, Jerry in the house or not. Huge applause right from the outset. Very cool. Then, right after "I Feel Good," The Lopez shows up, sportin' a different Stratocaster.

I got at least one shot of everyone individually tonight (had to work at getting clean shots of Pepe). Below, Danny and Gill rippin' dueling trumpets during "Negrita."

Nathan Tanouye had a piece of the "Negrita" solo action as well.

OK, 2:50 a.m., I'm gonna incrementally upload this while I continue to sort through shots and further gather my thoughts regarding the show...

More photo stuff:

Tony Davich is a Major Bad Boy. He tore up Dave's "Whatcha Gonna Do With That Greazy Thing" and "You Don't Know Me." The latter was every bit as good as Michael Grimm's rendition, but also uniquely Tony Davich. It was badass.

More, starting with Rob Mader, our own personal Lenny Pickett.

Rochon yet again violated the laws of biomechanics on bass. Cat is truly unique.

Wigfall was friggin' clinical tonight. I thought he was gonna launch right off the stage and through the ceiling, his alto rides were so fine. Wow. Below, Eric Tewalt lit it up big-time out front during "Wishing Well."


Below, Jerry and his cousin (Santa Fe founder) Augustine and his wife. Great folks.

Above, Jerry and Jane from "Hats." Below, Sonny and Stevie, our esteemed front of house from New World Audio.

3:46 a.m. Tired. Been a tough week. Glad to see all of you tonight, though. I really needed that. It was a great night. What a band! We are truly blessed.


Mundo and his posse, The Hot Club of Las Vegas are back at the VOX Wine Lounge this Friday. Oh, yeah!


Email I got from Kasey (killer guitarist, Hot Club of Las Vegas alum):
...a concert I am playing in this Friday. It is part of the Summerlin String Festival/Las Vegas Chamber Music Society. The concert features a "BADASS" accordion/bandonean (instrument of Astor Piazzolla, Argentine tango master) player from Philadelphia named Lidia Kaminska.

She's recently played at Kennedy Center, has played all over the world. I am doing three or four pieces with her, mostly tango, and some Villa-Lobos.

Here's the specs:

Friday, May 16, 2008 7 pm
Summerlin Library Theatre
1771 Inner Circle Drive
Admission- Free

Her website:

She's got stuff on youtube also...

Thanks Bobby! Take Care, Kasey

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