Monday, June 09, 2008

Adrian Garcia

Our dear friend and brother Adrian Garcia is now relieved of his long, ardous, and courageous battle with cancer. He left us today at about 1 pm. I would ask that the Lord not so much rest his soul but that He instead infuse it into the spirits of other musicians, for whom Adrian stands as such an inspiration to so many. I shall miss him terribly, but I am honored and blessed to have known him.

Arrangements are pending. Check back with the blog frequently, as I will post the details just as soon as I have them.

Tonight will be difficult for Jerry and the guys. Please come and help them put on some Healing, in celebration of a beautiful life so sadly cut way too short.

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Anonymous said...

I never met Adrian. But we talked on the phone twice back in 2002 when he got involved as a major donor to the Rocco Prestia Medical Fund. As trustee of this fund, I know that Adrian's heart was in the right place and that he did his best to help when the call went out.

I thank him and honor him today for his generosity and warmheartedness even in the midst of his own personal health issues.