Saturday, June 07, 2008

Mariachi Nuevo de Las Vegas at Lindo Michoacan

Cheryl and I went to Lindo Michoacan tonight, our favorite Mexican restaurant (D.I. just east of Eastern).

We been goin' there routinely since shortly after we moved here in 1992. The owner Javier Barajas (below) has become a great friend. Place is fabulous (and they now have a 2nd Lindo on the southwest side, just west of the 215 on W. Flamingo).

Major bonus tonight. When we first walked in, I heard what distinctly sounded like live trumpets coming from the back. Odd. They usually have a single doing either keys or guitar.

Yep. Seven piece Mariachi band. Awesome. Guitar, acoustic bass guitar, 3 violins, and 2 trumpets.

Not expecting anything like this at all, I didn't have my camera with me.

I spoke with their MD Michael Sital briefly when they came by our table. Then one of them asked me if I had a request. I lamely said "what do I know? I'm Irish." Immediately he said "we're going to do something non-traditional for you," and they launched off into Charlie Daniels' "The Devil Came Down To Georgia," replete with killer 4 or 5 part harmony singing and screaming fiddle playing that just blew us away. Nailed it.

I am not kidding. This was simply wonderful. They lack any kind of a web presence. I gotta see if I can help them change that, if they'd like.

Lindo is a great restaurant (chain now) run by a great family, and this group is way cool.

BTW, Lindo now has a MySpace page.

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Mariachi Nuevo now has a website!!