Tuesday, June 03, 2008

June 2nd gig at The Palms

OK, 2:32 a.m. I'm gettin' a late start, after a crushing show, and a long runnin'-our-many-mouths hang afterward. Will post incrementally, between lookin' at/tweakin' shots in iPhoto that I dumped from my camera (shot and uploaded 100 net, have to triage them) -- and trips to the fridge. Good to see Johnny Johnson on the stage tonight, covering for Jerry at the outset. Lots to report tonight, so stay tuned.

Below: Derek Jones of Cirque's "Ka" again subbed for Rochon and again blew the walls off the room. He had people jumpin' out outa their seats repeatedly. Wow.

So, tonight Jerry chooses to launch some new original material, and has Tony Davich do Will Champlin's killer "All My Might" (that chart, like all of the new stuff, is totally off the hook).

Jerry's new tune "When The Curtain Goes Up (the bullshit stops)" is autobiographical, utterly honest, and raw -- recounting essentially the Lopez family foray into Vegas some 30 years ago. Basically 'you can run yo' mouth, but can you stand and deliver from the stage, when the curtain goes up?'

They certainly could, and have ever since. Naysayers notwithstanding.

Jamie's tune "This Time" is simply beautiful, and is dressed up so nicely by Dave's arranging (click his name and click it on his MySpace).

These cats, man...It is all just so fine!

Dueling trumpets in "Negrita" was especially fun tonight. The back & forth reciprocal hand-off-the-mute schtick between Danny and Gill is way funny. I think Jamie shouted out afterward "hey, next time bring a 2nd mute, OK." LOL!

Oh, yeah! Love to shoot these cats.

More pics...

Below, homie Howard Arthur stopped in and got his ass promptly put to work. I dig the new 'do, bro'.

More shots...

Wigfall has been on a tear lately. His rides are simply screamin'.

Hope you dig my pics. I try to put you
in the action, on the stage, capture for y'all the joy that is this incredible band. It's at once hard "work" and simple ecstasy for me. Part of me just wants to sit back and quietly savor every note (and I do hear every note, too. Jerry calls me his "geiger counter," LOL!). But, I am driven to see that it gets shared.

Wait 'til we get the real-time webcast thing happening. Yikes.

Thanks for coming out tonight. Without you, we are nothing.

OK, 4:30 a.m., my creaking Irish ass is toast. Later, peeps, I gotta crash. Updates to come tomorrow.


Check this out below. Our dear friend, Numbah One regular Santa Fe fan, and a Principal in the Cirque "Ka" show, Joerg in a new upcoming side gig.

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