Tuesday, June 10, 2008

June 9th gig at The Palms

It was tough to get into any sort of celebratory mood tonight, given Adrian's passing and two other deaths during the past few days within the Santa Fe family (regarding the latter of whom I will not go into in deference to privacy). When, while introducing the band, I mentioned to the full house crowd that Adrian had died, and that we wished to both mourn his departure and celebrate his life, an audible moaning gasp reverberated around the room. He had a lot of friends. We will all miss him.

I have a heavy heart tonight, so this will not be my most expansive and effusive blog post ever.

The guys came out smokin' tonight, opening with "Esta Noche" and then continuing straight away with "Love Is Gonna Find You." Rochon was back, and he was ready to rumble big-time.

One scary dude on bass. The ease with which he just plays whatever comes to mind -- and, all of it totally appropriate to the overall groove -- is simply wonderful to witness.

Jamie again did the new workup of his beautiful tune "This Time." The arrangement just leaves me shaking my head.

What a talent. And Mr. Always-Positive-and-Happy. Cat is an inspiration to be around.

Speaking of inspiration, Jerry Lopez!

His lead guitar work was on fire tonight, and his vocal on "Si Te Vas," well, you just gotta hear it to fully disbelieve it.

The guys are throwin' down the new stuff tonight with ever more ramped-up gusto. The new CD is gonna melt your CD players once it's recorded and released. I can hardly wait. Jerry's new tune "When The Curtain Goes up (the bullshit stops)" is just so fine, and so funny. The crowd loved it, and totally gets the joke.

Below, some random shots. I'm runnin' outa steam. First, props to Tom Delibero for subbing for Gil toinght (file shot).

I'll write some additional thoughts after I catch some Zzzz's. Been a long day. Thanks to everyone who came out tonight. You were a great crowd.

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