Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sept 13th gig at The Palms

The band was on fire tonight, wow. Great set list, a nice mix of tunes from the Let The Healing Begin CD and the new When The Curtain Goes Up CD, along with a couple of legacy tunes from the first CD. I usually now bail at midnight, but I stayed 'til the end this time, it was just too good.

Dave Stambaugh subbing for Phil on alto tonight, and did he ever light it up, yikes.

Full blog report after DayGigIstan. Gotta cop some Zzzz's. Stay Tuned...


Mo' scenes from one badass hang...

Diff'rent night, same top-of-the-line, state-of-the-art musical excellence. Every tune seemed to have some extra snap. Lenny's Oh, Nena just thumped the funky salsa. Tyriq brought the house down with I Feed Good. Jerry's original Ev'rybody Wants To Love You and Dave's Salvation were especially fine, as was Nathan's Come With Me. They also stomped the fool out of Tower's Get Your Feet Back On The Ground, Tony Davich blistering the lead vocal.

Great crowd. And, again, we have to thank you all for coming out. Without YOU, we are nothing.

CODA: Don't forget tomorrow's "Negrita Night" at The Bootlegger, 7700 S. LV Blvd at Robindale. 10 p.m., free show. Another great hang.

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