Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sometimes nice guys DO finish first. Congratulations, li'l bro' Michael Grimm!

Michael Grimm has just won the NBC "America's Got Talent" competition (and the one million dollar prize that goes to the winner). There is justice in the world every now and then.

Michael, we all love you, and wish you continuing happiness along with the career success you richly deserve. Keep your True North, my friend...

Let me be grateful
That I can sing this song for you,
That I can bring your heart
A smile or two
In the evening,
To brighten up your day gone by,
Let me hold on to the meaning,
Help me stand up to the high,
When they call my name.

May I not become hateful
When bright lights sometimes
Wear me down,
And all around I find
These “friends” I never knew of,
Grasping pieces of the pie,
Let me know just where my feet are
When my head is in the sky,
When they call my name.

Let me stay faithful
To holding strong this love of mine,
And when I get my chance
To shine for you,
Let me always
Give you just my very best,
And never close my eyes
To the ways that I’ve been blessed,
When they call my name.

Words and music Copyright © 1977, 2010
Robert E. Gladd, All Rights Reserved

I wrote that three years before Michael was born, when I too was chasing the dream.




I've been looking back through my 738 blog posts for ones with our li'l bro' Michael Grimm in them. Here are some:

There are probably more. I will add them for you as I find them. The editor "search" function is acting buggy right now. Keeps giving me a "taking too long" timeout message, such is the heft of my blog, I guess.

Found the clip of Michael singing "You Don't Know Me" on the Ellen show. Wow. You can hear the tiredness, but he blasts right through it.

Gotta love the 6-3-2-5 turnaround Power Finish.

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