Saturday, September 16, 2006

Man! Life is good...

Well, lessee. No Santa Fe gig this Monday -- major bummer -- but, as I posted on September 9th, I'm gonna do a few of my originals Monday night at "songwriter night" the E String Bar & Grill on Sunset in Henderson (just down the hill from Viva Michoacan, starts around 8:30).

I got friends comin' too -- Ron Crews is gonna sing, and Enrique Corro is gonna play some fine guitar. My bro' the fabulous Adrian Garcia is gonna play bass, and Joe Bergeron told me he was gonna show up to throw in some hand percussion. I am so blessed. I have Jerry Lopez and the band to thank for all my new good fortune and enthusiasm. A year ago I was pretty down in a lot of ways; gettin' old, chronic medical conditions, hadn't played a gig in 20 years, Medicare bureaucrats at work makin' me crazy, wife stuck in Baton Rouge doin' hurricane emergency response work all fall -- like 'is this all there is? Just plod along, get old and sick and then...'

Nope. Jerry and all of y'all (fans included) are a lifesaver.

Enrique, Ron, and I got together for a bit of rehearsal last night, and Katie Logan (host of the songwriter night gig) came over. We had the best time, man!

So, maybe we'll see some of you Monday.

UPDATE, one of Monday night's tunes. Wrote this early on about my blessed squeeze:

You’d Be My Lady

I just knew
You were The One,
Don’t ask me how,
It all sounds crazy.
I just knew
You’d be my Lady.

I fell real fast,
And I’m still fallin’,
I jumped right in,
No need for stallin’.
I just knew
You’d be my Lady.

I was livin’ inside my shell,
Wond’rin’ if you’d ever show.
Suddenly, I could tell,
But, how did we really know?

I saw your face,
I heard your voice.
My knees went weak,
And, there really was no choice.
I just knew
You’d be my Lady.

I knew for sure
You had my heart,
This had to be,
And we both felt it from the start.
I just knew
You’d be my Lady.

Lyrics and Music by Bobby Gladd,
Copyright © 1976, 2006, All Rights Reserved.

BobbyG, circa 1976, with hair

BTW- I gotta pitch Joe's new percussion service (among his other myriad activities, Joe is the ass-kicking percussionist with the awesome eclectic smooth jazz Steven Lee Group).

From an email he copied me on:


Percussion tracks recorded specifically for your projects. Please check out the info below, listen to the “audio-mercial” (click here for mp3), and forward this to all your musical friends.


  • Meet with me, or send me a disc (in .wav or .cda formats) or email me an .mp3 with a stereo mix of the song that includes a count-off click at 00.00.00 on the front end.
  • I will listen to the song, then we will discuss what it is you are looking for.
  • I will record percussion tracks that are time aligned to your stereo track, starting at 00.00.00 and save them to disc as sound files.
  • I will send you an .mp3 rough mix of the new tracks for you to listen to with the master tracks, decide on any revisions needed, and give final approval.
  • I will deliver the disc back to you with the full sound files, by mail, by hand, or via email (.mp3 only), and you simply load the sound files into your multi-track. Align the beginning of the percussion tracks to the beginning of your count off click at 00.00.00, and you’re done. Mix, pan, cut, snip, thin out, add effects, or do whatever you want to the tracks, they’re yours.
  • Files will be available for download when I get my website up.
TERMS: ½ down as deposit, and balance due upon completion and delivery.

Microphones, Etc.

Sennheiser MD421 / Shure Beta 52 (Lge. Diaphragm) / AKG D110 (Lge. Diaphragm) / Shure SM81 (Overhead/Condenser) / (3) AKG 1000 (Overhead/Condenser mics) / (5) Shure SM57 / AKG C-418 (Condenser) / (4) Audio Technica ATM-350 (Small Diaphragm Condenser)

Mackie 1402 VLZ Mixer

Windows XP Professional

SAW Studio Multi-Track Recording Program

INSTRUMENTS and PRICE list available upon request. (click to email Joe)

THIS JUST IN (click the image to enlarge). WAY COOL. Another throwdown hang!

Click here for Google map to The Church.
Michito's websites, here, and here.


Adrian, Ron, Enrique, and Joe, thanks, my brothers. Y'all are the best! Thanks also to our gracious host Katie Logan and to all the other writer/performers to came to to share their work, and to all of you who showed up to listen. Wow, more fun than I deserve. UPDATE: pics below, Steve Tuminello took 'em.

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