Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Yikes!!! September 4th blowout performance

I'm sending a card and a CD to Andre Agassi from the band. Everyone in the band and crew signed the card, and many of the fans signed the sheet to go along with it. Thanks. Andre is the best, and we all wish him complete healing from his serious back injuries, and life-long joy in his retirement from the tennis tour. He has been an inspiration to millions of people, and we are proud to know he's a fellow Las Vegan. Cheryl and I watched every minute of his matches in the U.S. Open this time, and we cried on Sunday along with him and a bazillion other people when it was finally over. He gave it his all and more. We salute you, bro'!

Tonight was off-the-scale fine. The band was again on fire (led off with "Intermission" into "South American Sojourn," totally badass way to open up), and the unreal Mosiac in fact showed up and sat in, to a wild standing-O. We love you dudes!

Buy their CD, it is awesome (I have 2 copies), and go see 'em at the Flamingo while they're here. Below, a pic from Mosaic's MySpace site (has 4 music clips there, check it out).

Below, our fearless leader Jerry Lopez lays into "Take My Heart Away."

'eh? Sometimes I get lucky and nail some good shots. Below, the brass half of our beloved Fat City Horns, Gil, Nathan, and Danny.

Below: we had a photographer in from 944 Magazine to do shots for a feature on the band.

Below: Fat City Horns choreographer Rob Mader is also one fine sax and flute player! Johnnie Johnson throws down the Nast' on guitar, and Jamie Hosmer takes us again to "The Higher Ground."

Thanks for coming out, everyone. Don't forget Tuesday and Thursday nights at The Artisan, and the Sunday night jazz jam at The Hurricane. And then next Monday we'll do it again at The Palms.


Anonymous said...


Last night at the Artisan was unreal. Phil Wigfal was filling in for Drew and the group was really wailing when suddenly...the owner comes running up to Ronnie. He gestures with his hand across his neck to stop playing. Told them that he would not say it again...that they were too loud...had to tone it down because the receptionist could not think or something like that. If they did not quiet down, they were gone.

About 60 of us sitting there agape. Then the guy disappeares. We were furious but Ronnie and his men continued on softly..could barely hear Phil...they played another two songs and we knew Ronnie was quietly fuming. When the set was over...he stood up...told us that we just heard the last song at the Artisan.

Doubt any of us will return there.


BobbyG said...

Wow, Micki. Too bad. That place may be toast.