Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Oh, yeah! September 25th

Where to start? Great first set, band was way tight and full of great energy. We were again graced by the presence of the renowned Tom Delibero (Doc Severinson Big Band) subbing for Danny on trumpet. He and Gil laid on a major dueling solos throw-down that tore the house up. I was lucky to get any shots worth a flip tonight. The lighting grid was not working. The Palms needs to bring their stage lighting (not to mention the house sound system) up to Vegas professional standards, I gotta tell ya.

The Fat City Horns are the best, man! Ya gotta love those brain-bleed charts, and the dudes that rip those notes off the paper.

Below, left to right: Jazz drummer Eugene Balog, my Main Man the stunning virtuoso jazz guitarist Robert Conti (who keeps me laughing; I love the cat), and venerable music producer/manager Joseph Donofrio.

Also joining us in the audience was Tom Schuman of Spyro Gyra and JazzBridge Music LLC, and the lovely singer/songwriter/graphic artist Jessica Mangione (below, Jessica in the center, with Mom and Godmom- whew!!!).

Welcome, all of y'all.

BobbyG gotta crash. Great to see everyone. More later. Micki J, be safe on your trip back East.

OK, back up...ugh...more pics and thoughts before heading out to the day gig. Below, Nathan throws it down.

A quick "watercolor" of Rochon...

Roch and Pepe's solos during "We Are Nothing" were particularly good this night. Awesome, bros'!

Don't forget -- Bill Champlin is coming October 23rd and 30th! Also, Jerry said we may -- may -- also have the major bonus of Marco Mendoza, the TRIO along with Michael Ruff in addition to Bill on the 30th. Yikes! Unreal. My life-long bassist bud JoJo (former bandmate) is comin' over from Monterey for the 30th gig. It would be way cool for all these cats to show up (and, I'll be absolutely hangin' late that night).

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