Saturday, September 02, 2006

Weekend Update

First of all, the fabulous Latin Breeze (cool new website, BTW) will be onstage tonight at The Gold Coast. Salsa par excellance! And, both Gil Kaupp and Rob Mader of Santa Fe are in the killer 5-piece horn section.

Well worth the trip. You'll dig it. Below, my man Enrique just sent me another mp3 cut of one of his compositions, "Sexy Greenga."

Fine, fine stuff. He produces his tunes on a Mac G5. He played guitars, keys, and bass on this tune, very cool. Recall his equally fine tune "Cool Chili" I wrote about recently. You can reach him through the info here.

OK, among the deitrus I found on my last trip to Florida to clean out Mom & Pop's house was this band shot (below).

Good grief. I'm the major dork on the left at 9 O'clock, 18 at the time in 1964, fresh out of high school in Jersey, first of many road bands. This cat, Mort Browne, was our manager. He got us a record deal and big airplay in Europe by 1965, and, just as stuff was starting to break wide open, we frigging broke up!

Idiots. I then joined The Hollywood Argyles (the "Alley Oop" cats). That was pretty surreal, the musical equivalent of "Natural Born Killers". They were shooting up motel rooms long before it became fashionable. Mort was huge in the old NYC/Tin Pan Alley publishing business. He was even involved with Barbra Streisand for a time, but air-gunned her butt for being too flakey.

We were beyond flakey (to the extend I have any neurons left from that era to recall).

Me and Robert Conti have been havin' some great laughs about those days (one of his pics from that era here). Robert again graced me with a couple more of his CDs. This cat is a musical genius, a jazz guitar virtuoso the likes of which I've never before heard. If you love pure jazz guitar at its very jaw-dropping best, you gotta order his works.

BTW- Jerry's much older brother Lenny Lopez has a cool new website up, as does Gabriel Falcon. Check 'em out.

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