Tuesday, July 24, 2007

July 23rd, 2007 at The Palms

Above: a rack of patched outboard gear back behind Gabriel's position on the drum/percussion riser. The calm before the show. It just looked cool, so I shot it. Best shot of the night, LOL! When I got there, the light grid was on, but the mains were only marginally up. Which is fine, 'cuz I usually go backstage and raise the software "faders" on the laptop just prior to kick-off, but tonight the laptop screen would not come up (and I was afraid of messin' with it too much and maybe knock the grid out totally), so the main parcans had to remain where they were (at about 25% power), which made all my shots (to the extent any were worth a flip in the dim light) look all blue-ish, from the blue floods, which were overwashing the front pars. Below, the swell front stage light array.

That's it, all of it. 'eh?

Santa Fe came out smokin', though. The lighting, while again inadequate for getting good shots, was, truth be told, perfectly comfortable for the band and for the audience (a fine crowd it was, too; thanks to all of you for comin' out).

Tonight they opened with "Just Kidding," and this venerable tune was crisp and snappy as could be. Great energy level right from the outset. Jamie followed with the crushing "Brother to Brother." Wow. Like, dive right in and throw down. Yep. From there it was right on to the new Jerry Lopez original "Everybody Wants to Love You" (which will be on the new CD). That tune just totally kicks butt. Following that, it's "Take My Heart Away."

What a way to start the night, man!

I didn't even really wanna shoot pics tonight, honestly. Just wanted to sit there and get my brain fried once more by these cats.

Above: Rochon played a Fender Jazz bass tonight I'd never seen him use before. Great low end. Nice lookin' axe, too. Below: Phil was tearin' up it tonight so fine.

Very cool evening. Again, thanks to everyone who came out to hang tonight. BTW- Jerry tells me the post is going just fine on the new CD. Soon, folks, soon. And, on that note, thanks so much to all of you for your pre-release orders.

Don't forget, Michito is doing his salsa thang Tuesday night at South Point. Report is that they had a great turnout last week. Check it out. (And, thanks, Michito, for sittin' in tonight again, bro'!)

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