Tuesday, July 03, 2007

SRO w/multiple Standing-O's. Wow, the energy!

Jerry Lopez, Master of all he surveys.

A total love feast tonight. The crowd, which started filling up the room rather early, was so ready. And the band was equally so ready for them. They opened with the Fat City Horns "Intermission" piece and then right into "Ain't That Peculiar?"

The band thundered on from there, and kept turning up the heat all the way to "Living For The City" at the end of the night. Great energy and vibe both ways, from Santa Fe to the crowd and vice versa. Andy Ebon said it was the best he'd ever heard them play. Hard to argue with that.

Michito sat in, as did Daniel De Los Reyes. Jerry called it a "south of the border jam," with Gabriel jumping down on bongos. We were also blessed to have the eminent presence of the esteemed trumpeter Luis Gasca in the house (below with Jerry). This cat's musical rap sheet is a mile long (e.g., Santana, Van Morrison, Grateful Dead, Janis Joplin, Perez Prado, Malo, etc).

Morris O'Conner (Stevie Wonder) also sat in on guitar again. Awesome (pics below).

My delightful Niece April came to hang. Below (left) with Elisa Furr (middle) and her friend Susie, and below that with Taylor Michaels (who threw a great party Friday night).

Subs tonight included monster cat Bill Zappia on keys, filling in for Dave Richardson, and trumpet eminence Tom DeLibero, again filling for Gil Kaupp. These cats just play the book like, no sweat.

I'm runnin' outa gas, gonna randomly upload a bunch of pics for your viewing pleasure and then go crash.

Above, Gabriel with Jamie and his great family.

Don't forget, next Monday night will be extra special, as the band will be recording their new live CD during the show. New original material will be on tap. It is gonna be a great night. Be there! Without you, we are nothing.


Below, Cheryl and Joerg (Cirque "Ka" lead) back at the merchandise table. Below that, Cheryl and Elisa. Two beauties.

Below: the light grid may suck, but the Lounge bathroom amenities in the backstage dressing room make up for it.


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