Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Update on my bro' Kurt

Got an email from my old great Pacific Northwest musician friend Kurt Kolstad this morning. We gigged together back in the early 70's in Seattle. That's him, below, second from the left, with his former band "Player's Club." Cat on the right is bassist Marcus Vann, who moved to Vegas a while back for the "Legends" show.

Kurt is one totally over-the-top kick-ass drummer (sings, plays guitar and keys, and composes as well). Kurt's email:
Ran into this little clip of me getting crazy on my tubs before all hell broke lose with my health...with the old gang...thought you might get a kick out of it. We had a lot of fun that night! Just letting our spirits run free.

Slowly but surely my guns are coming back coming back:-) And I'm glad about that.



ps- That is my keyboard player playing left hand bass on that tune. Pretty funky little left hand.
Click the title to listen to the mp3 cut of "Sudden Samba." Yikes. Kurt could definitely throw down with Santa Fe.

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