Monday, July 09, 2007

Live CD Recording Session, July 9th, 2007!


All systems are "go." April and I went to the setup/sound check/quick rehearsal this afternoon. Gotta say, you're gonna love the new material.

The recording platform is Bob Lentini's SAW Studio. Killer app, this is. Steven Lee Group cut their fine CD on this, IIRC. The engineer for tonight is Lee Pepper.

The guys will be cuttin' at 48kHz sampling rate, 24 bit resolution tonight. Listening to the Fat City Horns run through the new "Love somebody," I told 'em "dudes, look, the notes have gotta be slower than the sampling rate!"

I saw about 40 channels mic'd up and/or patched in. That'll be about 10 gigs per hour on disk. The recording stuff is set up back in the dressing room. Below, Sonny's front-of-house board awaits sound check and rehearsal.

BTW- we're takin' pre-release pre-paid CD orders tonight, discounted, at $12 including shipping/handling. We'll have a form to fill out at the gig. Help the band out by ordering in advance. If you can't make the gig tonight, send an email order to and get instructions to pay via PayPal.


Props to 97.1 FM's Ric Gould (above) for introducing the band tonight, and for being such a great Santa Fe supporter. Ric and Jackie's Sunday morning jazz show is the friggin' bomb. Tune in.

Santa Fe: These cats have stones the size of boulders. They opened up on the SRO crowd with the Fat City Horns' "Intermission" (which was especially crisp and snappy tonight) and then straight into "Ain't That Peculiar," which had the energy of a herd of rampaging elephants. Wow.

Next up: Dave's awesome "Salvation," followed by a kick-ass new Jerry Lopez original, "Everybody Wants to Love You." Those gotta be keepers on disc, they were right on the money. Ron Crews (below, left, with Debbie on the right) was flippin' out over Jerry's new tune.

Crewster, it's good to see you back out after getting hurt, bro'. Yeah, man, you're right; Jerry hit it outa the park with that song. Yikes!

Santa Fe and The Fat City Horns are Vegas's Cirque du Soul-Salsa, working without a net to boot. Ya just gotta love the way they fearlessly push the envelope every night, on every song. Had to call for Mulligans tonight on Nathan's "Come With Me" and the Gino Vanelli "Brother to Brother." Nailed 'em down tight the second time around during the second show.

Below: Andy Ebon was summoned forth to the Fat City Seat of Funk, whereupon he dutifully threw down some nasty moves, LOL!

UPDATE: Jerry and I been tradin' emails. He asked whether Andy's performance was "Dancing in Tongues" LOL!

Below: among our many A-List performers in the audience were Spamalot star Nikki Crawford and our homie Drew Zingg. Former Steely Dan MD Drew plays with Ronnie Foster at MJ's every Sunday, in addition to being in the Spamalot pit orchestra. Monster chops, this Bad Boy.

We had both Johnson brothers onstage tonight, along with Lenny and Michael Grimm, and our brother Michito Sanchez. Simply wonderful. The packed house roared and roared and roared with delight. It was just too cool for words, really.

Below, the ever-gracious Santa Fe fans Danny and Rosa Heredia, now celebrating their 38th anniversary! Wow. Congratulations!

Next: Some random pics before I crash. Got a few good ones tonight.

Finally for now, props to Sonny Maupin for his front-of-house expertise and hard work.


Michael Grimm is gigging this week at Hank's in Green Valley Ranch, 7 - midnight (I-215 at Green Valley Pkwy). Good place to listen to his jaw-dropping vocal talent.

And, don't forget to see Jamie with "Rich & Famous" at the Ovation club at Green Valley Ranch, Thu-Fri-Sat. Really, really fine.

Also, Michito has a new thing going at South Point, "Salsero, a Latin Dance Experience."

Oh, yeah!


Romanze Willoughby "Spitt". I recently met this dude, very nice cat. Ex-military band player. He told me some interesting stories regarding life as a military musician. Pretty impressive rap sheet:
24 years electric bass playing experience ( fretted, fretless ) / 10 years upright bass playing experience / Musically literate (reads, writes and produces music) / Lived in, taught bass and toured throughout Japan for 9 years (1993-2002) and internationally in over 10 other countries overseas -- Australia, Brunei, China, Hong Kong, Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines, Russia, Singapore and Thailand / Extensive international session , live and television playing experience / ASCAP member / AFM Local 47 member.
Email him at, or call him at (757) 619-5850.

Wecome, bro'.

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damn, i see this happening, i look at the clock, i go "it's 7:30 monday night in seattle, if i ran to the airport now ...."

bring on the CD's!