Sunday, November 04, 2007

Michael Grimm

Saturday night, Nov 3rd, Big Apple Bar in NY/NY. Place was jammed. Band was cookin'. Wish I could have shot a surreptitious pic of all the chicks mesmerized by our li'l bro' Michael Grimm. Man, that cat can sing! (mp3 sample from his tune on the 2007 Santa Fe live CD). The room was ovulating, LOL.

Tonight I'd thought I'd screw around briefly with the high ISO settings on my camera (I tried 800 and 1600). My camera defaults to 200, but you can change it to 160, 400, 800, or 1600 (ISO is the equivalent of the old ASA light sensitivity metric, going back to analog film days. Every doubling of ISO means 2x the light sensitivity).

Just like with analog/emulsion film, there are trade-offs digitally -- mainly "grain."

Dunno. I don't dig the higher settings. That's why I'm such a tiresome whiner about good stage lighting.

Below, Darryl, shot at ISO 1600. There wasn't much light back on him, so I had no choice. iPhoto lets you tweak a broad range of image parameters: saturation, exposure, contrast, temperature, tint, sharpness, noise reduction (taking out the "grain," which, though, tends to make the shot look like a "watercolor" rendering), but, you can put only so much lipstick on these things.

Above, the 2nd shot of Lenny was done at 1600. Dunno, man. Would prefer to just shoot at 200 under good lighting conditions.

Sorry that I couldn't get situated to be able to shoot Bruce (keys) or Mike (tubs). Like I said, place was jammed, SRO, shoulder-to-shoulder.


Check him out. 100 East Sahara. Great lineup. Ronnie on B3. Old school.

Below: coming soon, probably Nov 12th at the gig:


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