Monday, November 05, 2007

Monday Nov 5th gig at The Palms

Tonight we had Derek Jones of the Cirque "Ka" show at MGM Grand subbing on bass, and Santa Fe alumnus Glenn Colby subbing for Danny on trumpet. Very cool.

I was constrained in my pic shooting tonight. Cheryl is back east at a professional society conference, so I had to hang back by the CD sales table most of the night. Most of my shots tonight were from a distance, and I again tried to mess around with higher ISO settings. I can see where a bigger megapixel camera with a long-throw lense, shooting at higher ISO settings would really work (particularly under the execrable light grid in the Lounge). Telephoto focal lengths compress the perspective lines while concentrating the light (that's why panoramic scenes in movies always look so good: those eighty thousand dollar lenses, LOL!). My camera is three and a half years old, a relative Kodak Brownie any more by digital standards.

Below, Jerry Jones of the fabulous Fifth Avenue vocal group sat in for a stint on "Come Together." Also click here for their MySpace page.

Major league Bad Boys, Fifth Avenue. Below, JJ was off tonight, so brother Tyriq again stepped up. Tyriq is now over at The Sahara with The Temptations during the week.

Below, a random assortment of pics from the evening.

Thanks again to Michito for comin' to hang and sit in. Also, props to Daniel Lopez (Ricky Martin band) for throwin' down on percussion.

Other stuff: Here's a video I just got today from my bro' Robert Conti:

'eh? Chops, baby...

Also, I got the PayPal thing up and workin' for the Christmas CD web page.

Perfect Holiday gift item.


I support these peeps. The issues are similar to those faced by professional songwriters, e.g., basic just compensation for creative works subsequently used over and over to generate huge downstream profits for the Suits (e.g., syndication, DVD, and "alternative media" venues).

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