Monday, November 12, 2007

Monday Nov 12th gig at The Palms

First, indulge me as I ask that we reflect just for a moment this Veterans' Day weekend in honor of those who have served and continue to serve so bravely that we might continue to live in peace and freedom here at home.



Miguel Rodriguez on tenor tonight. 'Nuther Bad Boy.

Welcome, bro'.

Ok, here's how this is gonna work. Jerry is rotating in new cats into the Fat City Horns, because our main posse -- Dan, Gil, Nathan, Jerry Merra, Phil, and Rob -- are gonna have to spend a bunch of time in L.A. and New York in rehearsals over the next couple of months working up the Bette Midler show. So, there's gonna be an interim period with a new Fat City Horns lineup on Monday nights.

No sweat.

Band was cookin' tonight. Great, fun energy and loose attitude. They nailed Toto's "Rosanna" right away, with JJ on guitar (Jerry now gets to the gig a bit late because of his stint with Wayne Brady over at the Venetian). Nailed it, man.

Below, Andy Ebon returns to The Seat of Funk.

Stylish. Cirque du Le'Ebon. Joerg was jealous.


I didn't get a ton of great shots tonight. Still messing around, trial & error, with 400 and 800 ISO settings, with mixed outcomes. A few keepers:

Below, Jamie and Ann, his aunt.

Jerry told Miguel it was mandatory that he dance as a condition of being part of the Fat City Horns. Miguel struggled to get into it, but got with the program after a bit.

Thanks to those who bought copies of Dave and Lenny's Christmas CD. If you're not aware of this project, click here for info and mp3 samples (UPDATE: I just added another sample, "Joy To The World"). Best ten bucks you'll ever spend during the Holiday season.

Also, Jerry announced that Marco Mendoza will return with his trio to be our guest artist once again on December 3rd. Save the date!


Props to our friends. Jessica Marciel is Andy Ebon's better half.

Rudy-eeee!!!! (That's gotta be Michito, too).


Buh-bye to The Frontier. Imploded early this morning. LOL, Some editorial writer cracked wise a few years back about how the next big Vegas Mega Resort was gonna be called "Las Vegas/Las Vegas" and would basically be a casino theme park wherein we could all stroll through sanitized replicants of the Sands, Dunes, Desert Inn, Stardust, Hacienda, etc.


I love these things...

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