Monday, November 19, 2007

Monday Nov 19th gig at The Palms


10:30 pm in The Lounge at The Palms, no cover, no minimum. Be there.

UPDATE NOTICE: a week from next Monday, Dec 3rd, we will again be graced by the stunning presence of The TRIO; bassist Marco Mendoza, drummer Joey Heredia, and keyboardist Steve Weingart. Gonna be a great night.

Below, avoid the Holiday shopping rush. Buy now. Fabulous. Available at the gig, $10. Available here online (w/ mp3 samples), $10 + $2 S/H (sent via USPS 1st class).


Luis Salinas

My great drummer bro' Kurt up in Washington state just sent me this link. Awesome.

Notice that Luis doesn't use a flat pick (particularly visible during his ride at around 7 minutes in).


OK, I'm mowing' some granola, sittin' here in my red chilis flannel PJ's, and may blog this incrementally. Gettin' a late start. it's 2:57. What a great night. Got a lot of shots to weed through.

Duncan Faure (Bay City Rollers cat) came to hang with Andy and Jessica. Nice to meet you. bro'.

Sean, of our fabulous peeps MOSAIC, came with his Dad, and promptly got put to work on "Come Together." Yeah, man, very cool.

Also among the crowd tonight: Brad The-Pavarotti-of-Blues Cordle, and the awesome Bobby Black of the Las Vegas Tenors (they have a couple of dates upcoming shortly at The Suncoast, BTW). Gotta give a shout as well to our bro' -- monster drummer and Santa Fe alum -- Tim Lienhard. I blogged about Tim and his studio just recently.

Funny story about Brad Cordle's pic on his new MySpace page. We were both over at The Sand Dollar one night, and I said 'dude, we gotta drag your retro ass kicking and screaming into the current times. You need at least a MySpace page and some promo pics. Go stand over there by the cigarette machine under that neon beer sign.'

Snap. Done. I shot that pic for him, LOL.

The highlight of the evening for all of us was the news that the eminent Armando Peraza was in the House!
Armando Peraza (born in May 30, 1924 in Havana, Cuba) stands shoulder to shoulder with Chano Pozo and Tito Puente as a pioneer of the Afro Cuban art form, but through his long associations with jazz pianist George Shearing, vibraphonist Cal Tjader and guitarist Carlos Santana, he was the most internationally visible of all Latin percussionists from the 1950s through to the 1990s. Although primarily known as a bongocero and conguero, Peraza is also an innovative and accomplished dancer and composer.

Significantly, and uniquely amongst the great Cuban percussionists, Peraza has for many years been an important socio-political figure, a symbol of Afro-Cuban achievement through his virtuoso musicianship and his refusal to be defeated by racism. His work with Shearing and Santana brought him international fame...
OMG! Well, of course, Jerry coaxed him up on the stage to sit in.

That was just awesome. 83 and still throwin' down. Jerry told me after the gig that Armando told him the band was the best he'd ever heard. How about that? 'eh?

Also on the percussion front, our brother Chiqui blessed us with his amazing talent once again:

One cookin', thumpin' night. Tyriq of the Brothers Johnson & Johnson stepped up for "Soul Trilogy."

Lenny, LOL!. More random pics below.

Thanks to our Fat City Horns subs Tom Delibero on trumpet and Dave Phillipus on trombone tonight! Danny Falcone was off owing to the birth of his son. Our congratulations to the Falcone family!


Kool Kat Productions smooth jazz artist Boy Katindig will appear at the Las Vegas Springs Preserve (333 S. Valley View)
on the Courtyard Plaza during their "Winter Lights Festival" Fri/Sat/Sun 11/23, 11/24, 11/25 and 12/13, 12/14, 12/15. Adrian Garcia will be on bass, Danny Dandan on sax, and Todd Smith on drums. Admission is $4 adults, $2 children ages 5-17. Check his MySpace tunes (click his name). 'Nuther Bad Boy.

Clint Holmes has some Christmas Special dates coming up in early December too, lest I forget.

Also, an email I got From Sandra Benton ("Menopause The Musical"):
Hey, please put in your calendar December 6 @ 2pm at the Suncoast - Skye's show that we have been working on for a year will be that day and it is not to be missed. It's called Simply Diva, Simply Skye. We have a killer band, dancers, choreography, and myself, Bobby Black, Gayle Steele, Audrei-Karin, Wally Broadnax are her backup singers, lights and videos. It is a full out production. Please come if you can, the show is free and we need all the support we can get. Pass the information on to anyone who loves to be entertained.


BobbyG's gig on Wednesday. Las time I did the solo acoustic thing was December 1985, up in Gatlinburg, TN. Then in January 1986 I went to work in a radiation lab in Oak Ridge and hung up the axe.

Click the image to enlarge it. Bought a couple of acoustic 12-string guitars this year. Never owned one before. They're great fun (and will flat wear our your chops). Slide by and hang a bit if you can. I'm really looking forward to it.

4:50 a.m. Gotta go cop some Zzzzz's...

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