Monday, November 26, 2007

Monday Nov 26th gig at The Palms - Fat City Central

Santa Fe list email today from Jerry Lopez:
Tonight is the last night that the original Fat City Horns will be with the band for a couple of months. As most of you know, Bette Midler came in to see the band and hired the whole horn section. They leave for New York in a couple of days and will spend a month out there, and then the month of January in Los Angeles rehearsing for her upcoming show at Caesars Palace. She is replacing Celine Dion in that showroom.

We are all very happy for our guys and will miss them. In the meantime we have assembled an incredible group of horn players to take their place while they are gone: Tom Delibero, Glen Colby, Wes Marshall, Dave Philipus, Eric Tewalt, Dave Stambaugh, and Miguel Rodriguez.

Come and have a drink with the guys and lets send them off to "represent" the Vegas musicians in New York and Los Angeles.
Here come The Fat City Ho-o-o-o-o-o-o-rns...!!! (mp3)


OK, 2:47 and I'm weedin' through my shots in iPhoto. I'll post incrementally as I work through all this stuff. What a great, great night. The energy level got wound up so high! First, Happy Birthday to Lenny Lopez, Jerry's much older brother, LOL!

Props to our bro' Jerry Jones of the fabulous Fifth Avenue for again sittin' in on "Come Together."

Carlos Perez, back in off the Ricky Martin world tour, stepped up to do "Oh, Nena," which he sang on the 2005 live CD.

New Fat City Horns alto cat Dave Stambaugh is a serious Bad Boy. He's gonna fill in for Phil Wigfall just fine.

Below, I copped a pretty decent shot a Gabriel tonight, dim light in the back notwithstanding. Shot that at ISO 1600. Below that, tryin' to get a decent shot of Pepe. His drum solo (preceded by a Rochon over-the-top bass ride) at the end of the gig during "We Are Nothing" blew the roof off the place, BTW.

The guys did two unreal new originals tonight for the first time, "What'cha Gonna Do With That Greazy Thing," (a swampy Dave Richardson funk thing that broke out in a New Orleans street jam at the end) and, totally in Spanish, "Si Te Vas," (co-written by Dave Richardson, Jerry, and Carlos Perez) with Jerry Lopez singing the latter in jaw-dropping fashion. Those tunes drews gasps and wild cheers. These cats are just too good, man, wow.

Country music star Brian White came to hang tonight (to Jerry's right). Very nice cat. He dug it, to put it mildly.


OK, Check this out. Pic of Brian White with our brother and frequent guest artist St. Paul Peterson (now touring with my hero Kenny Loggins).

Well, that explains a lot, LOL! Go to Brian's MySpace page, listen to his tune "When You Come Around." That puppy made me well up almost in tears. Great writing, great voice. I am all into the funk and jazz stuff, but, man, I love good progressive country music. The writing and singing can be so good (e.g. one of my favorite young cats is Aussie Jedd Hughes) and one of my old buds from Knoxville, Gary Loyd, who sang lead on my 1982 demo of "Without Loving You," now writes on staff for Clint Black. Serious writing goin' on in Nashville. Gotta love it.

Brian White just got added to my list.

More pics randomly below...

Below, Andy Ebon returns triumphantly yet again to the Seat of Funk to throw down his funky moves during "Soul Trilogy."

So, we say bon voyage to our esteemed Fat City Horns I for a couple of months as they go to NYC and then LA for intensive Bette Midler rehearsals. Enter Fat City Horns II. No problem.

What a band.

Remember, next Monday, December 3rd. Marco Mendoza, Joey Heredia, and Steve Weingart -- The TRIO -- will join us to throw down. Oh, yeah!


This is mainly for my friend Jessica Marciel.

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