Sunday, January 13, 2008

First Santa Fe blog podcast coming this week

I pledged to y'all podcasts starting this year, so, in between my crazed dogs barking and my Mom calling buku times a day (I'll gate the mics), we're gonna discuss and listen to bass players, most notably our favorite cat, Rochon.

Promise you, I'm gonna bust bootie to make this first podcast a good one, even as I learn to use this stuff. I think you'll dig it. Santa Fe Blog Central is now gonna also be Podcast Central. Oughta be fun. At some point I'm probably gonna put my phone on speaker, mic it, and do phone interviews for the podcasts.

Haven't had much time to blog this week. Family Court granted me full legal guardianship over my Pop on Wednesday (man, the paperwork that's gonna entail!), my Mom continues to struggle, and yesterday we learned that Max, our 14 year old cat, has diabetes. Tuesday we're goin' to the vet to get trained on how to give him insulin injections twice a day henceforth.

Don't forget, the band will be again in session tomorrow night at The Palms, 10:30 pm. Be there.


Got a MySpace friend request from a cat in Pasadena by the name of Hector Contreras.

His rap sheet:
Hector Contreras has always had a love for music. At the age of 5 he began playing the piano and composing songs. His parents woul ask him what he was playing and he would say "My song" Contreras is a native of Los Angeles, Moving to Pasadena 5 years ago with his wife, Emilie. She is not only his biggest fan and supporter, but is in charge of their music production company, Emiliesgarden Music Production.

Contreras admits that practicality overshadowed his dream for a time. He felt he needed to concentrate on his education. So Contreras obtained his Bachelors degree in Accounting from Cal State, Los Angeles and a Master degree in Education from San Francisco University. He became a teacher with the Compton Unified School District. He worked there for almost 20 years and left to work with the Count Juvenile Court System for about 10 years.

However, through the years his passion for music remained strong. He study music composition at the University of Southern California and advance studies with Dr. Albert Harris. And this year(2006 ), Contreras lifelong dream has become a reality! He has produced 3 CD's one is AfroCuban/Jazz and two New Age Music CD's are amazing ( and a total of 14 latin jazz songs and 18 new age songs. All composed by Contreras. He has written well over 200 musical themes. In high school, his first band was a rock and roll band called "Laggerios" Then while he was a senior in high school he played with the Al MESA Latin Jazz Quartet, also with Orquesta "SIVA (Latin Funk). They were the opening act for the Rolling Stones in 1974. In talking with Contreras about his amazing talent, he say, I am just a conduit. All creativity comes from the inner-spirit. Contreras songs are being heard on the radios world-wide. For more information about Hector Contreras or to purchase his CD's visit:
CDBaby Site: - Latin Jazz - Soundscapes - New Age CD II

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