Monday, January 07, 2008

First Santa Fe Palms gig of 2008

The boys are back in the saddle tonight after a three week holiday hiatus. Gonna be a great night. Gonna be a great year. This is the year we gotta push 'em out to the world. I'm gonna do everything I can to make that happen. BTW, the top link on the right in the links column contains the Santa Fe Palms schedule for 2008. Basically the entire year, with only two dark nights (02/04 and 08/18). But, you know how that goes. Check the link periodically to see whether there are any revisions.


Blogging will be delayed until late morning. Sorry. Awesome show tonight. Below, Bad Boy sax cat John Scarpulla of NYC's killer Funk Filharmonik (center of pic, flanked by Eric Tewalt and Jerry).


OK, back up and on it. Sorry to keep y'all waiting. Sometimes it just gotta be that way. Nice show last night. One long set, two hours. More like a concert performance pace. Seemed to work. Interesting, back at the Fat City Superstore, we'd only sold two CDs till right at the end. Thought it was just gonna be a post-holiday slow sales night.

But, then, we had this big flurry of hopped-up customers, and ended up with pretty decent sales.

The band opened with what's like a standard opening chess move: "Just Kidding," followed by the Earth, Wind, & Fire medley. Prudent way to get back into it after the long holiday interim. And, the tunes were energetic and snappy tight, precursors of nasty funk to come.

Rochon again took one of his violation-of-the-laws-of-biomechanics bass rides (mp3 excerpt from the 2005 CD here), to wild delight.

Unreal, man. This cat is the compleat bass player.

Monster keyboard cat Bill Zappia again subbed for Dave Richardson, readin' the book like it was nuthin'.

I remain continually in awe of all this talent. It just never gets old. Below, Johnson brother Tyriq subbed for the out-of-town Dr. Lenny. It was a Johnson & Johnson night.

Michito Sanchez and Chiqui Garcia stepped up to throw down a blistering percussion ensemble ride toward the end of the evening. Way, way cool.

Had to shoot at 1,600 ISO up in the back on the percussion riser, the light is so weak back there. Grainy.

OK, let's go to the random remaining shots...



Our friend Elisa Furr is a very sweet person, and a major talent. Click her name for her MySpace page or go to Email I just got from her:

I have already auditioned a few people but I am still wanting to make sure I pick the right person. I'm looking for a Jazz Pianist that knows all the tunes. It's for a paid audition for a major casino that will almost certainly lead into scoring the house band position.

The audition is soon and I am in a crisis so please respond ASAP. Initially, I was looking for someone that could play left hand bass but now we are using an upright bassist so now I just need a MEAN top of the line, experienced and professional Jazz piano player!

Thank you!!



Tonight (Tuesday, Jan 8th), recall, Tommy Alvarado's new band, Slick Willie Orchestra, debuts at the Rio in the RUB room (Righteous Urban Barbeque). 9 pm. We'll be there to cover it. Come on out and support these cats.

Other stuff. MySpace, aggghhhh!!!

I recently got hacked again in my main MySpace site (which I had set up simply to tout Santa Fe far and wide), as did a lot of other users. Then the perp started sending out bogus bulletins and comments under my name, mostly hawking lame porno come-ons. So, I again had to change my password, and up my security settings.

I could go all Dirty Harry on morons like this.

Well, my "Other Son" (and Nathan Tanouye 'bone protege) Nate Kimball sent me this email in response:
Bobby --

With regards to account hacking, you should make your fanbase aware that at ANY time they are entering their account information, check their address bar at the top of the browser window. Most of these bozos catch innocent users by having them click on (or forwarding them to) a malicious link that contains a mirror (exact replica) of MySpace's "you are not logged-in" password error page. The address at the top might look identical to MySpace (i.e. or a strain of random letters and numbers that looks like a secure server login), but something will be off. If they have any doubts that they are not at the myspace site, tell them to physically type in the address at the top. But never enter personal info without taking a good look at that address bar. If it isn't exactly "", it's probably a hacker.

Anyway, I'll see ya around! Send the best to the boys!

- Nate K.
Never would have thought of that. Ya can't be too careful. Irritating. Yeah, so from now on, I will have to not respond to MySpace emails telling me I've got a comment or friend request by clicking the link. Just log into MySpace and check messages/comments/requests directly.


Tower, with Carlos Santana:

Our bro' Michael Ruff, back about 20 years ago in Stockholm. Nasty!

Love the hair and threads.


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