Sunday, January 06, 2008

Phoenix Rocks the Point

South Point, that is. Recall my Friday, Dec 21st "Weekend Update" post wherein I for the first time touted Phoenix. Well, last night Cheryl and I went to check 'em out in the Fever Showroom. Beyond being a kick-ass, first-class classic rock band, these cats are all so friendly. Very nice peeps (and, BTW, lead singer Tony Davich is yet another Santa Fe alum; tells you everything you need to know).

We had a great time. I shot a bunch of pics (100). Most of which weren't very sharp (these cats are pretty kinetic, hard to freeze 'em hand-held at low ISO), but I got about 25 keepers. The above shot is from the 'Make Lemonade' department.

I was gonna downsize 'em for upload, but I think I'll just leave 'em the way they came outa the camera (3 mb fine rez). You can click on any pic to blow it up full-size.

When I listen to these cats, I can't help thinking "man, these dudes could do Toto level smash mouth original stuff." e.g., from the new Toto "Falling in Between" CD, -- which I friggin' love -- tunes like the title cut "Falling in Between" and "Taint Your World" (mp3).

Phoenix are, to a man, A-List players. Go hear 'em. Free shows at the Fever Showroom every Saturday starting at 10:30 pm.


Anonymous said...

Great to see this post! Was in Vegas back in Sept. & caught Phoenix at the NY/NY and had a great time. I was also exited when I realized who was playing guitar, Jimmy the great who stepped in to Aerosmith when Perry left. Keep on rockin' Phoenix!


Anonymous said...

A friend caught Phoenix at the NY/NY a while ago and flew 15 of us out to Vegas to see them at the South Point Hotel and Casino in Vegas in March and they were amazing! I had a great time! Keep on doing what you're doing Phoenix!!