Saturday, January 26, 2008

Michael Grimm CD release gig and party at The Cannery

Cheryl and I went to the Cannery last night to hear Michael. Great show. That's a nice venue. The lighting and sound cats are all over it. This gig was a CD release party event for Michael's new "Michael Grimm Live" CD, which features our Jerry Lopez on guitar and Bad Boy Abe LaMarca on background vocals.

Short medley excerpt clip I put together from the CD here:

Michael has a cool new onstage feature: The Delta Bound Singers, Diane Spann and Nikki Logan. Very nice. Hey, uh, Michael, BTW, Fat CityHorns II are now available as well, little brother. Hmmm...

I just burned a CD for Michael and Don that has 99 shots on it. Early on I got hassled by this Fife for taking pics. I blew him off by lying 'I work for these guys, I'm the band's photographer. Go talk to their manager.' LOL! Well, I guess I kinda actually am.

A small sample of the evening's photos:

"...I did it my.y.y.y.y.y... way..."
(sorry, that lid gave me an impulsive Sinatra flash)

Above, post-gig party dressing room shot. We thought about having everyone light up. I'm gonna Photoshop that "No Smoking" sign out when I have a minute, maybe replace it with "SMOKING REQUIRED AT ALL TIMES BY NEVADA REVISED STATUTE 160.12.a.1."

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