Thursday, January 24, 2008

Two years!

Two years ago today I posted the first of the now-accrued 311 Santa Fe and The Fat City Horns blog posts. Across this period (through yesterday) we have been graced by 36,894 pageviews reached by 10,109 individual visitors (excluding me.)

It has thus far been a labor of sheer delight, one regarding which I intend to carry on with ever more intensity.
I am blessed and humbled to know everyone in this magnificent band, and to have come to know so many of you, colleague performers and devoted fans alike.

- BobbyG

UPDATE: Podcast #2 is now posted. The great chops and feel and broad guitar styles of our Jerry Lopez.

I tried to gate the mic to squelch ambient background noise (including my episodically ranting dogs and planes flying close by and my HVAC kicking in), but gave up finally and left the voice channel open, 'cuz I had trouble finding the precise gate point that wouldn't make the V/O track sound like it was heavily edited, which it wasn't.

Hope you like it.


Yesterday I was enroute to my Mom's nursing home and heard an NPR segment featuring guitarist John Jorgenson. Yikes!

This cat is one of Mundo's heroes, I subsequently learned. Mundo Juillerat, recall, is Jerry's brother in law and is the principal guitarist in the Vegas stage production of "Mamma Mia." His "Hot Club of Las Vegas" ensemble is all over the Django Gypsy Djazz thing.

Listen to John's NPR interview and the tunes on his MySpace page (click his name). Wonderful stuff.


Anonymous said...

Hey Bobby, Happy Blog Birthday. Keep up the great work.

BobbyG said...

Thank you so much, Raoul. High praise, comin' from you, in light of the excellence of what y'all are doing.