Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Norm-A-Thon: great job, Nelson, and everyone who performed

Nelson Sardelli has been working his ass off on this fundraising event. and it showed! I was wonderfully surprised at the turnout; really goin' against the grain doin' this on a Passover Sunday at noon. But, the showroom was almost full. Norman Kaye was there sitting front row center (pic below).

Below, next two shots, Nelson Sardelli. He is the nicest man. I'm sure he's relieved this turned out so well.

This man is one class act. Jerry had hooked me up with him and his "Non Club Club FIORE," which I am delighted to join.

A few keeper pics follow. I again only had one set of batteries, with my only good spare set still in the recharger (gotta buy some new ones, they get tired after too many recharges), and I totally fried this set and went black right at the last couple of tunes. Missed getting Clint, dang it. And my Santa Fe pics totally sucked (like I need any more).

I don't know who all of these peeps are, so I'll just post the shots.

Huge turnout onstage and in the audience. You are all to be congratulated and thanked profusely. Also, we must extend sincere props to our dead-tree media entertainment writers for giving this event repeated prominent play this week (e.g., Jerry Fink and Mike Weatherford). In addition, major thanks are due The Orleans for providing the great venue free for this event.

And, let us hope Norman Kaye continues toward a speedy and full recovery.

Nelson Sardelli, Gentleman.

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Unknown said...

My name is Tony 'Dee' Di Gregorio of New Jersey and Florida and I agree with you that Nelson is a 'gentleman'.
Bravo for this kind of entertainment. I had the pleasure of having him as a friend when he worked in Atlantic City and I enjoyed every moment we were together. I also spent sometime in Las Vegas withe this great personality.
I enjoyed your photos very much...wish the photos had captions. Stayed at the Orleans many times.